My Weekend

Saturday morning I got up early (what was
I thinking, I could have slept in), and got
ready to go to the Farmer’s Market in
Franklin with my friend Theresa. I met
her at her house at 7 am.

Our first stop was her kitchen where she
filled up a travel mug of coffee for me!
Next, we hit the road to Hardees for
breakfast. This is where we had to try
out the new biscuit holes, and dipping
sauce. They consist of biscuit dough
rolled into balls, deep fried and rolled
in brown sugar and cinnamon….
hummm, good. The dipping sauce
of course is frosting!

Then we were off. I had never been to
the Franklin Market before but it was
really nice. A bit smaller then the Nashville
one, set up behind the Factory Mall in the
parking lot. Very nice, clean and well
organized. I really enjoy walking around
and looking. I did not buy much but I still
enjoyed the outing.

I got a few tomatos, home grown garlic,
free sample of handmade soap, and of
course a watermelon! I don’t do a lot of
cooking and I find if I buy a lot of this
stuff it ruins before I use it.

Of course I had to take my small point and
shoot camera with me to the outing!
Here are just a couple of shoots I picked up.

Then on Sunday I spent the day with my daughter
and grandson’s. Amber grilled us some steaks,
she had cooked a pot of white beans, corn
on the cob, cornbread, a salad and I made
a potato casserole (one of Amber’s favorites).
The meal was great.

After DJ, my youngest grandson, took a nap,
we had lunch, then I got the kids out to take
some pictures. I have lots of Caleb but DJ
don’t like to have his pic made often and you
have to catch him in the mood. So…I was
hoping this was the mood! I got several good
ones of him but it took work.

This is DJ.

This is Caleb. The ham, so unlike his younger brother!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping in,


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