Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Hello all,

It’s my third Trash to Treasure’s Tuesday!

Today I am not showing anything that I have
done or anything that I have purchased as a
treasure from Goodwill, a thrift store or yard
sale. I am showing something that my brother

Talent seems to run in my family. I paint, do
crafts, jewelry, photography…etc. My oldest
brother is talented with his hands and his
ideas. He is right now finishing up the remodeling
of one of his homes. Him and my nephew Chase
have gone in and gutted this ranch type home and
redid it all. They have done everything from taking
down walls, to putting in all new bathrooms and
building cabinets. He is great with photography and
one fantastic businessman.

My younger brother, Mark, is
talented with his hands also. He is great with wood
and scrap metal and metal odds and ends. He built
my Mom’s sewing center, end tables and coffee table
many years ago out of solid oak. He replaced her
kitchen cabinets from pine to oak also. He does
awesome work. Right now, he also has part of his
house gutted and his redoing parts of it. There is not
anything that he does half way, and there is not anything
he can't do...and do well.

Mark believes in recycling all that you can to make
this world a better place to live in and for our children
and grandchildren. In part of his recycling he will take
left over metal or spare parts and make things with

About 9 years ago when I first learned that I could
paint, for my birthday he made me the neatest
birthday gift, all from scrape stuff he had laying
around….metal, springs and screws. So awesome!
It is a metal figure sitting at an easel painting. He
took it a step further and cut a picture from a
magazine that fit right onto the easel to look like
that was what was being painted. Such a great idea.
This is displayed proudly in my home for all to see.

Another year for my birthday Mark made me
another piece. It was a metal dragonfly. It is put
together with a long nail (not sure the correct
name), metal cut wings and smaller nails for the
legs. He does the greatest work.

He has also made other items for other members
in the family. I think my Mom has a spider and a
dog. He has also made her a big spring bodied
weenie dog! I will have to get shots of those later
for another Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

Thanks for stopping in to enjoy these fine pieces of ART.


Anonymous said… do have much talent in your family. It meant a lot that you introduced me to your family. It was really a pleasure to meet everyone. You and your older brother have taken steps with your talent and gotten out with your showing of Oils in Art and Photography...and your Jewelry which I'm a proud owner of a couple of pieces.. (I'm so proud of you ; ) now your younger brother Mark needs to do the same with his wood and scrap metal. He really does. Those pieces are neat and show much talent. I've seen some similar scrap metal pieces work of art and he is up there with them. What themes does he have he selling as well? If not, tell him to...'get with it' lol! Thanks for sharing..Enjoy yr day. Hugs Nancy M.: Ohio
Pam D said…
Oh my... I need a dragonfly, or spider, or SOME sort of bug for MY Bug Hunter! That is so cool.. does he sell his items?
And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the figure of you painting. That truly is one of the coolest pieces of artwork I've ever seen!

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