The Planter Project

Here is an easy, simple but really cute outside project that is
not costly at all.
It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make.

I started with a piece of rebar. The size you will need will
depend on how tall you will want your project to be. I did
not want mine to be that high so I went with a
shorter piece. Cost was $4.87.

Next I purchased 5- 6 inch clay pots with a hole in the
bottom center. Cost $1.27 each.

You will need rocks and dirt. These I had on had. My plants
cost me about $6.00.

Hammer the rebar into the ground just a bit making sure it is
secure. Then you will take a pot and slide it over the rebar placing
it on the ground. I then put in a layer of rock for drainage since
this will be sitting on the ground. Then I filled almost to the
top with dirt.
Rebar with first pot/rock and dirt.

Next, I slide another pot over the rebar at an angle, not
straight up and down. This will put the rebar touching
the rim of the pot. Again, a small layer of rock, then dirt.
I then planted some plants in the first pot in the space that
was left showing that the second pot was not
resting on. I also planted plants to the side of the second
pot, keeping in mind that the next pot would sit on the other
side rim of it.

see how the rebar touches the rim

You will continue to slide pots onto the rebar at an alternating
angle until you reach the top.

This is what the finished project should look like.
I waited a bit to late in the summer to find the right kind of
plants to put in here but next spring I will plant some
that will cascade over the side.

Enjoy making one of these for your garden.


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