Have I started something - Caleb/photography

I have always had a camera, at least since I was about
12 years of age. I have always loved taking photo's.
My interest got kicked into high gear when
I went to work for the Photo Services end of Media Services
(printing, graphics and photo services). I had been with the
printing division of the State of Tennessee for 21 years when
I was asked would I be interested in moving to the photo section
as their secretary.

I loved my job and what I did with Photo Services, I am very
much into the customer service thing, and I am good at it.
My job in Photo Services was a big part of what I did on a
daily basis.

With my move to that area the interest in taking photo's got
even more so. While working there I got my first digital point
and shoot camera in Februray 2006. It is a nice one and takes
great shots.

In May of 2008 I left Photo and Media Services and made the
biggest move of my life to a different department within the
state. I have no regrets, not only was it the biggest move, it is
also one of the best.

In July of 2008, after 4 years of watching the guys with their
big professional digital cameras, I decided I had to have one.
I of course did not purchase one as large, as nice or as costly
as what the photographers used but I love mine.

The neat thing here is I think I have now started this interest
in my grandson, Caleb. When we would be out with my little
camera (always in my purse), Caleb wanted to use it. So, upon
his request, I got him a small digital camera for his birthday last

He does not always have it with him when we are together so he
has taken to using my point and shot. He loves it, snapping here
and there. He has actually taken some really neat shots.

Two shots I have posted here was taken with my camera, while
he was in one of those toy climbing things at Dairy Queen.
This is where I first saw that he had a talent for it. The
play ground shot was taken through a sheer curtain. I was
amazed at how that turned out.

I love it. He has this interest that I have, something else
we two can share together. I hope he keeps this interest.

Thanks for stopping in.


Pam D said…
Very cool! For his birthday, perhaps you could frame some of his neat shots for him to hang! Everyone loves to see their work framed and hanging up! He definitely has an eye for a good shot, just like his grammy...

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