Making Jewelry- Passing Time

Making Jewelry

I am a mix media artist. If you go back into my blog
files you will see that I am an artist for oil painting.
You will run across some of my photography but
now I am going to post some of my jewelry.
Just something else to keep me busy and out of

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
Cute!! I love your jewelry, and I love making it, too. It really is a peaceful thing to do; laying out the beads and determining the pattern, colors, and ultimate "look" of the piece is the hardest. Then stringing it together, holding it up ever so often to see if it truly looks like what you thought. And finally finishing it off and trying it on, just to see how it "fits".. (not earrings, of course; I just hold those up to my ears!). LOVE it.. you have some really nice beads, too!

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