July 4th, 2009

My grandson and I spent this afternoon
with friends.

My oldest friend, Barbara and her niece,

Sarah, decided to have the 4th of July at
Sarah’s house this year. Barb and I have
been friends since I was about 12 years
old…that means 37 years!

Barb lived down the street and around

the corner from me in Hermitage has
we were growing up. I would have to
say that I spent every other Friday or
Saturday night at her house. There was
a bunch of them, Billy, Beverly, Barb,
Barry and Ben. We became friends early
on and it continued as we grew, married
and had our children, now we are working
on our grandkids. Barb, time has slipped on
by us and I seem to have waken to be OLD!

When Barb was in high school their family

moved to the Wilson Co. area, only about
15 min. from the house. Our friendship
continued even though we were not together
that often or attended the same school.
Matter of fact, when Beverly married I
was the server in her wedding and when
Barb met and married Phil (that would
be Phil Ware as he is known to many),
I was the Maiden of Honor in their

Barb and my kids are born right there

together. Phillip was born in November
1980 and my daughter, Amber, was born
in December of 80. Years went by and I
guess neither one of us thought we would
have anymore then as a repeat, we were
pregnant at the same time again. This time
my son, Cory was in July and Chris was
born in August. Amber and Phillip were
always friends growing up and Cory and
Chris were best friends.

Now that you know the background I guess

it’s safe to say that I am part of this family.
Matter of fact, Sarah pointed this out just
the other day, “you have been around so
long that you are not considered a friend
but part of the family”!

Barb’s whole family was not able to attend

but Beverly was there (Sarah being her
daughter), with her other daughter
Angela, Sarah, her husband, Jeremy and
their three kids, Ms. Hollis and a friend
of her’s. Billy (Barb’s brother), his wife
Cindy and their two children, Barb and
Phil, their daughter in law and the two
grandchildren, Barry and his wife, Tammy,
Jenny (Barry and Tammy’s daughter),
her husband and their two kids. With
Caleb and I there, makes 26 people.

We enjoyed burgers, hotdogs and ribs

along with potato casserole, potato salad,
baked beans, watermelon and so many
desserts. Everything was so nice, great
to get together with them all. For July,
it was a cool day, no heat and not humid.
There was a tire swing for the kids, a kid’s
pool, riding toys, a swing and slide, water
guns and for the adults (since we had so
much fun with them) was water balloons!
Poor Barry! I will be watching my back
around him for sometime to come!!

Thanks for the invite. Thanks for the laughs

and all the fun to add to all the fun, laughs
and times we have shared over all these
years. And bless Phillip who could not be
with us since he is Iraq at this time, serving
our country so that we all can continue to
enjoy and celebrate the 4th of July, our
day of independence and freedom. You
are in my thoughts and prayers Phillip,
stay safe.

Thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
I'm drawing a blank.. Barb? I should know who this is. I'm sure that I do; if she grew up in Hermitage, I'd know her. Oh, I really wish I could trade out this aging, defective brain for a nice, shiny new one! Sounds like you had great fun, anyway... and that's what matters!

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