Happy Birthday Kathy - Cousin

Kathy and her sister Tammy

Looks like I am on a birthday roll again~~

Today my cousin Kathy turns 51. Kathy
lives in Georgia and we only see each
other once every other year or so these
days. You know how it is when you
have so much going on with your life.

Although there was a time when we
were younger that we saw each other
at least twice a year.

Kathy and I have always been close.
It was just a given that when we went
to visit Grandma, I stayed several
nights with Kathy. I have even seen
pics of Kathy and I playing as children
of maybe 2 or so.

When we visited Granny, there was
not always a lot to do, we sort of made
up things to do, just like kids have
always done before a lot of tv and
video games. My granny lived on a
busy 2 lane highway and one of the
games Kathy and I came up with
was to sit on the porch and count
cars. Granny had one of those
covered porches with a metal
glider on it and metal chairs.
I spent a lot of time out there.
But Kathy and I would sit in the
glider and if she was to the right,
she would count the cars coming
from the right side. I would to the
other side. When we were tired and
over that game, whoever had the
most cars would be the winner.
Simple, but it kept us out of trouble
and spending some good times together.

Kathy is a couple of years older
then I am (yes Kathy, I am rubbing
that one in)!!

As a preteen and teen, when staying
the night with Kathy, I would be so
excited to see her and we would lay
in bed just talking when we were
suppose to be going to sleep. I guess
I was more excited to share then she
was (laugh) because I would be talking
away (and yes, I have always been a
talker) and I would look over and she
would be asleep. I would shake her and
say “are you listening to me”! We, or
should I say I would lay there talking
for hours! Those were the days.

As we grew and got older we just seemed
to remain close. Kathy married at a
young age but when my family and
I would come to visit, I would go stay
with her and her husband. We have
seen each other through her marriage
and mine, and the ending of those. But
before that my ex and I would go to
visit in Georgia and we would go stay
with Kathy and her family. It’s just a
given. I have aunts, uncles and cousin’s
that live in that area but everyone
knows that I will be staying at Kathy’s
house. Course I make the rounds to
visit the others or Kathy will arrange
for a get together and have everyone
come to see us.

She scared me a few years back when
she had a heart attack and had to have
open heart surgery. I could not bear
to think of her not in my life. We have
shared the loss of our grandparents,
aunts and uncles and she was even
here for me when I lost my father
when I was 7 months pregnant with
my son. She was so worried about me
at that time. She can be a brat (she
will know what I mean with using
this word) but I love and I would
miss her so much.

Happy Birthday Kathy. Have a great
day and remember I love you.



Anonymous said…
Awwww I love reading memories like these. Makes me wish I had a special cousin like you two growing up and it really brings to heart how much I missed out on having someone so close to share my life with through those important growing-up years in my life. I'm soo happy for u2! Keep this special relationship alive...always... treasure it for it is truly a beautiful thing! You two are '2 peas in a pod' and the best friends a gal can have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY...although belated...geeze thru vacations and being sick I've been a MESS and have fallen down on my duties as a friend...please forgive me 'Georgia' I love you Kath..(yeah...u 2 Pam lol) and I just know you had an awesome Birthday. I'll be in touch soon... Hugs 2uboth. Nancy M; Ohio

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