Happy Birthday Cory - My Son

Twenty-two years ago today, at 11:37 AM,
my son Cory came into the world.

Happy birthday son.

Cory was born 6.5 years after his sister Amber.
She so wanted a little girl and had her heart set
on me bringing a girl home. She was insisting
so much that it be a girl that I was so afraid to
call her that morning and tell her she had a brother.
But once she heard the news she was fine with it all.

When Amber bounced into my hospital room later
that morning she asked where her Bubba was. She
let us all know at that time she was Sissy and he
was Bubba. That did not last to long before she
was just calling him Cory.

His full name is Matthew Cory, he was born with
blonde, almost non noticeable hair and blue eyes.
Later those eyes were to turn the color of mine
and his Dad’s, hazel. His hair also got darker as
he grew.

Cory was my challenge baby. He cried from the
minute he came into the world until he was
about 3 months old. He had colic and at around
5 every evening he would start crying and go for hours.

My next challenge with him was that he had one
ear infection after another. Those nights were
rough on him and me both. He would wake
crying, having a fit but he was never truly
awake. Then from there came the hairline
hip fracture, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Cory loved to sit in my lap on the couch and
just watch his “Sissy” walk back and forward
and play. I think that is one of the reason’s he
walked so early, he was tired of seeing her do
it and he could not. He sat around 5 months,
learned to crawl right after that but the walking
started 2 days after turning 8 months of age.
I ran after him and chased him from that time
on. He did not understand the word walk!

At the age of 17 months, he stopped walking.
He was in pain and he could not walk for that
pain. He would just fall down and begin to cry.
After x-rays and test it was finally detected that
he had a hair line fracture of the hip, an accident
that occurred when another child fell on him at
day care. This finally healed and he was off again.

We went from that to three emergency room
visits. One, a fall in the pool in the back yard
that dislocated his elbow. The doctor just popped
it back in socket. Eight months later, we were
back in there, dislocation of the other elbow.
He tripped in a small hole that my ex had dug
in the yard to hit golf (goof) balls in! This time
he required a cast since it would not stay in place.
He was 3.5 years old and since he loved the Ninja
Turtles he picked out a dark green Ninja Turtle
cast! He was sight. The last trip to the emergency
room was because at that age he did not
understand that you don’t walk in front of
another child swinging a bat! Seven stitches
to the forehead, only this could have been a
bad one. Just a few inches over and it could
have killed him if he had been hit on the tempo.

This was my boy, my son, my handful that I
loved with all my heart. I was told due to some
problems that I would probably never have
another child, when all of a sudden I was
pregnant with Cory. He was my miracle baby.

Cory’s challenges did not end with the head
injury; we learned when he was in kindergarten
that he had ADHD. Getting him through school
was not easy. But when he graduated in 06, he
did it with honors. Not only that he had to have
his heart checked because of a heart murmur.
The ped sent him to a heart specialist for children.
All turned out to be well with that. Thank God.

My son now lives in San Diego Calif., not far
from where I lived as a baby when my dad
was stationed at North Island in San Diego.
I have not seen Cory in over 2 years and I do
miss that winning smile and those eyes that
light up.

Today I think back on his birth and his life
and I only wish him the best. He was my
entertaining child as well as my challenge.
He loved to mock Jim Carrey and act out
parts of movies. He could see a movie once
and know most of it line for line there after.
He would keep you entertained and in stitches
laughing at him. He has a beautiful singing
voice and he can wrap you around his finger
with that smile!

Happy Birthday Cory. I love you,



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