Halloween Decorations

I was a tad slow at
getting out the Halloween
stuff this year.

But its done!

I painted this a couple
of years ago to sat
on my desk at work
to put candy in.

Course it is sitting around the
house since there is
no desk this year...
I purchased these at Target
last year for my office.
I added the ribbon.

Could not sleep last night so...

I love this.

Here are a few things I
painted a few weeks ago.
I love scrape wood!!!

Painted this a couple months
Love it on my door.
My favorite piece.

No where to stick the witch
hat, so  just threw it
on the lamp.

Now the outside stuff.

New piece I picked up
at Wally World.

This is the only pic
I took of the ghost with the
I actually have another
one this size and a larger

Now one of my biggest
fears is spiders...
Rubber and plastic
ones I can handle.

Hanging on my door knob.
I actually cross stitched
this in the 90's.
Always hung on my computer.

The porch!

Thanks for stopping in,


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