Was blogging on the dogs
I sit for at my brothers house
but got side tracked with the
last blog and the work
on the house.

But this is the 3rd dog...

Maggie is a rescue dog.
Maggie's master was killed
changing a tire and the car
fell on him.

Maggie was hauled off to
a pound. My sis in law
Lori made many calls and fought
hard to get "custody" of

Not sure of her age but she does
have a hearing issue.
She is loner.
The bigger dogs, although the
excepted her into the home
with no issues,
she is intimated by
the other dogs. I think
it has to do with the size of
the others....along
with the fact that they move
Maggie does not.

She is a sweetie.
She will come over for a pat
on the head or if you have
you legs crossed she
will walk under them to
scratch her back.

She loves the couch.
Loves to lay on her
back with the legs in the

She also enjoys going for a ride.

Like the labs, she will
venture off into the pond.

Shake it off Maggie.

Thanks for stopping in,


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