I Heart Faces - Sweet Dreams

I Heart Faces this week is titled Sweet Dreams.
Go by and check out all the pics.


My grandson, when he was 11 days old. He is now 1 yr. old.



Debbie said…
Oh my word. How did you keep from just chewing those cheeks off?
mooneyequalsmc2 said…
awww cutie-patootie! Have a great week!
lifebythecreek said…
Precious, precious, precious! It's times like those that you really appreciate being able to take pictures, isn't it? Definitely a "Kodak" moment...
Foursons said…
Oh my gosh- that thumb-sucking is the cutest thing EVER! Great photo, I'm sure the first year of his life has been an absolute joy for you!
Natalie said…
What a sweetie pie! Beautiful capture :)
how precious is your grandson? Oh my! What a cutie at 11 days old!

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