True Story Tuesday - Kenny Rogers

Several, several years ago I went to
a Kenny Rogers concert with two
friends. I have always liked ole Kenny
so I was looking forward to it.

The concert was held at the Grand
Ole Opry here in Nashville and we
had really good seats, 4th row back
to the left of the stage. Not bad
seating at all.

Well, my friends decided that for some
reason they were bringing a pair
binoculars to the concert. Between
the three of us we past the binoculars
back and forth to take a good look at
Kenny. From where we were sitting
and with the aid of those strong
looking glasses, we had a great view.

After several passes of the binoculars
it was my turn again. At this point
Kenny decided to stop singing and look
my way and ask me what I expected
to see sitting that close to the stage
looking through the binoculars! Okay,
I was so red and I could have very easily
crawled under the seats in front of me.
Yes, I could see the sweat on his
forehead and the whiskers on his
chin really well…..but did he have
to announce it to the whole place?

Thanks for stopping in,


Foursons said…
Hahaha! That is great! Did he invite you backstage too? What an exciting moment to have THE KENNY ROGERS talking to you during his concert!
Rachel said…
Oh my gosh - that is hilarious! I would have been turning red and crawling under my seat too!

Love that he had a sense of humor about it - and not too many people can say that KENNY talked to them!

What a memory! :)
Megan said…
i love funny littl random memories like that :)

Pam D said…
That is so funny! Nothin' like living is Nashville, right? Country music stars are the BEST at being nice to their fans (OK, so he embarrassed you, but really, how cool IS it that he talked right to you?). He's a nice man; before I started volunteering at the Lighthouse, he did a benefit concert for them down at Seaside, and everyone who was a part of it raved at his niceness. Great true story, gf.. maybe we'll end up with some more after this Sunday... ;<)

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