True Story Tuesday - The Seat Belt

Many years ago a friend I was out running
around with a friend, Jill.
We were going shopping and then to
do lunch in her car.

Each time we got into the car to go
somewhere I noticed that the seat
belt was acting up a bit. It seemed
to be a bit hard to slip into the slot
and I was having to push on it really
hard. But when I went to release it
every thing seemed to be okay with it.

UNTIL…..when I got back in the car
on our very last stop I really had to
force the belt into the slot but before
I could make mention of it we started
talking and I forgot. When we arrived
to where my car was parked and I
pushed the button to release the belt,
I realized I was stuck.

The button would not push in far
enough to release the belt. I pushed,
she pushed, I pulled, she pulled…but
it would not work. So between gasp
of laughter from us both I suggested
that we go to her brother’s house to
have it cut off! She suggested loudly
that we were not cutting that belt, then
she rolled with laughter yet again. Oh
my gosh what to do.

Thank goodness that seats in cars today
will lean back almost to laying position!
I laid the seat back and started to wiggle
out of the belt over the back of the seat,
almost landing in the back seat. The funny
thing about it was that as I wiggled and
released another section of my body, the
seat belt would tighten up more and more.
When I out, thank goodness, the belt had
tightened up to the point that you could
not slid a body back into it. As far as I know
that belt never worked again.

Okay, stop laughing!



Kmama said…
That's too funny!! At least you got out of there! I think seat belts are really expensive to replace, so I can understand why she didn't want to cut it, but dang, you gotta get out, right??
Foursons said…
Haha- that is funny. I had a visual of you inch worming your way out of the seat backwards. hahaha
Rachel said…
Oh Good Lord - that is absolutely hilarious! What a classic True Story - I can just imagine you having to slide out of it! Now I'm nervous about when my seatbelt tightens up!!! hee hee
JP said…
I'm still smiling at that. What a funny story! That sounds like something that would happen to me. I always have trouble with seatbelts.

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