Staying Busy on Vacation

I am on vacation! It started at 2 pm on the 18th of this
month and I will not be returning to work until Jan. 4th...

Now, what to do with my time????
Get somethings in order and organized.
Thinking that I just have to much stuff and
it is all closing in on me so I decided that it
was time to clean out cabinets, closets,
drawers and whatever else I can find to
mess with.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make a
coat rack for my hall. I got the idea from my
cousin, Kathy. So here are my versions of
what she had made.

The top one is for the coats and the second one is
to hang behind the door in the bathroom to hold my
belts and scarfs.

I got a baseboard from Home Depot, that had
the curved edge over the top. The board cost
me $8.00 but I have been able to get to racks
measuring 24 inches each and one measuring
15 inches ( for towels in the bathroom, yet to be

The hooks on the top one were $3.98 each for a
total of $11.94. With the board cost cut in 3's and
the cost of the hooks, primer and white paint I
had on hand, this rack cost me about $15.00.

The bottom one was less since the hooks were only
$2.98 each. Costing a total of about $12.00. I love the
way they turned out.

In between cleaning out things and working around
the house I knit. I will stop and take a break here
and there (back issues still) and while I break...I knit.
Making scarfs.

I worked off and on, here and there on this first
one for about 2.5 days. Love the colors in this
one. Cost.....????, the yarn was gotten at
some time or another at a yard sale that
my Mom has picked up.

This one I started yesterday morning.
My mom said she wanted
a black one so I started on this one for
her. I am a bit over half done with it.

I have several that I have made for
myself here and there. It is nice
to have different colors to change
up and have something
different to wear on a given day.
Kitchen cabinets and drawers cleaned.
Secertary drawers and cabinets in the
living room has been cleaned. A BIG
pot of chili made. Next will be the linen
closet and the pantry. Then I move it
upstairs to my room......oh my gosh will
I have enough days to get all this done??
Tomorrow will be a no cleaning day..
I have a wedding to photograph. Then
Christmas eve and day will take up
sometime and there will be no cleaning
Wish me luck....
thanks for stopping in,


Pam D said…
You are so stinkin' crafty! I'm jealous... (and do NOT throw out your back before Sunday... please?)

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