To Paint or Not, Color or Not, Shutters or Not

In the summer of 2009 I had my house painted from a 90's type country blue to this. Not really sure what color you would tag this with. It is a type of beige, but at times it has a gold look to it and other times it has a green hint to it…..but anyway, I say beige.

The windows in the house are trimmed in white so I kept the shutters white. Actually, these have been replaced from the wooden ones to the new hard plastic (whatever) type. The guy who painted the house said he could do the shutters and door a different color but at the time I had already put out a good chuck of change so I stayed with the simplest…..white. He made the suggestion of color after he had already painted them white, and I also saw no need to change that.

NOW….the door picks up everything, so I was thinking of painting it a color. Question is, what color? Then the next question is, since I have decided to not do the shutters, will that be ok? I posted these questions on facebook on my home page. And I got a lot of replies. I was thinking a light hunter green color, but now I wonder if a bold hunter green? The replies I got were really neat, they ranged from green, to orange (no), to red (considering) to a burgundy, teal, and even yellow (not considering). More votes went to red but then the burgundy came in this morning……oh yea, that sounds great to me. Will not show dirt, has a pop of color when folks walk up and it will be different. I am still in question of the white shutters….crap, I might need to have someone paint them the same color…..just not sure how well that will stand up since they are not wood.

I will tell you why I have that question in my mind of the two different colors…..I have a hint (maybe more) of OCD and as driving I will look at house and my first thoughts are, that would look better if the door was the same color of the shutters! Yes I do…..and this question is killing me!

Thinking it will require slapping paint on that door and going with it, if I don't like, what have I got to lose? I will just repaint again!

Thanks for stopping in, Pam


Gail Wilson said…
Pam--I'm so clueless! I've been wondering the same thing about my shutters, but all I can think of is WHAT happened to the old wooden shutters you had? omg!! lol
I think burgandy shutters and door would be beautiful with your home. But like I said, I don't know a hill of beans about such things. Jump on pinterest and have a look see. :)
Jenna LaFevor said…
Slap some paint samples up! I had to do this when we painted our house!! It was the only thing that really made me decide what colors to use!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

Jenna @
Heather said…
The burgundy door sounds like it will be fab! I don't think the shutters have to match necessarily . I think it's personal preference.

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