When I got my first professional type
camera almost five years ago
I tired a lot of different things just to
see what I could do.
For some odd reason I decided I wanted
to shoot a drop of water. Not as easy
as it sounds but it was fun trying.
Took me a few minutes before I got
lucky enough to get this shot.
One of my all time favorites.
Sometime later I decided to play again.
I took this as the kitchen faucet dripped
into a blue bowl.
This last night I wanted to play some
more. This shot was taken
with the water dripping into my
stainless steel sink.
But then I started shooting the drip again.
Now this one is right up there with my fav.
More shooting into the sink to get a splash.
Love this one.
This one turned out cool also.
More splashing..
No splash.
To cool...
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