Franklin TN. Art Crawl

Morning started this way.
But it did not hang around long.
The evening was an event put togethere by a
a friend, Jill. There were 6 to 8
ladies that were going to attend
the Franklin, TN art crawl but
due to the temps being in the
low 20's several ladies
dropped out....Only 4 of
us crazies came out for
the fun.
We met and started here.
I had a great BLT, pasta salad and
fruit tea.
No, I did not try this but it looked amazing.
After our meal we ventured out into the
First stopping point was the visitors center.
Where we listened to a gentleman singing
and this woman playing.
Very nice.
Beautiful painting at one gallery we
stopped at.
Elvis' Graceland.
I loved these paintings at Gallery 202.
Watermelon, coke and Cracker Jacks.
I had to step out and get cooled off
while waiting on the group.
Jill, and her new friend.
Loved these.
This one place we went in just went on
and on, and on...
That would be me, sitting in the comfortable
chair in the center. Jill to the right of me,
T to the the left and in the back is
Ann, a high school friend of
My mom has some jars like
this....I never thought
I would love antiques
but I love them now.
Oh my gosh....get
a load of all these
old sewing machines. digital here,
no color,
and no remote!
How many remember these?
Chains made of gum wrappers...
I never made them but I
do remember them.
Right outside one antique place.
Loved the way the lights look
on this cold evening hanging
in the trees.
Take a load off and
take a
seat !
Oh my gosh....this
will take a person back.
I have been amazed lately of all
the old items that folks are
taking to make lamps
and lights from..
This would make an
lamp for a desk...
Wow...and this
one also.
Thinking this has something
to do with washing
I am really not
LOL...I had a pair like this.
See what I mean....neat lamp.
So glad that I got into
Not sure I could handle this.
And the lights again.
Thanks for stopping in,
come again soon.


Cheryl said…
Oh my goodness... what fabulous photos! Your a crazy girl for going out in the cold though! Brrrrrr!
Gail Wilson said…
I made those chewing gum wrapper link thingy's

I also had a pair of those skates. Looks like y'all had a great time, and worth the effort of going out in the cold! :)

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