My upstairs bathroom is coming along
slowly due to my health and some
health issues that have popped up...
But with a good day on Sunday and
apparently a lot of energy Iwas able
to get the pieces cut out to frame
my mirror.
Cut out and primmed. Had
hoped to paint and hang today
but between dr. appts. I took a
nap. LOL...
I managed to also get the new pulls on the
doors and drawers only to
find out that I could not
locate the hinges.
No telling what I did with them.
So I made a Lowes stop today.
Hinges and nails.
Should be ready to go....
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I do those kind of things... lose hinges etc. I also find random screws, and have no idea what they go to. lol

Sorry you're having health issues, sure hope all is better really soon.

can't wait to see the mirror and the cabinet.

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