All Over the Place Post

 This post will be an all over
the page post...
course I never blog about
just one thing, I like
my post to be full of

This was posted on FB for
me the other day.

Post read like this

My only decoration for the fall thanks
to Pam Montgomery Jackson for making
it from material from moms house.
Comment was posted by Renee,
Chris' wife (dude I dated),
Chris lost his mom a few
months back.

I have grown my hummingbird
vine three years in a row.
Matter of fact, Chris mom, 
Linda gave me the 
starting to my first one.
NEVER in those yrs have
I had it draw bees. But 
this yr I think it drew all
the carpenter bees in the 
hood to my house in late

However, with the cold mornings
they are getting less and less.
I can go out and they are just
there, sitting, not moving 
and they will not move till
the sun heats them up. 

Course the way that vine took
over this yr. I will have to 
rethink the spot I start it in next
Over taking my gate so that
the vine wraps around it and 
I have to break it loose to 
get out is crazy!

I have this thought rolling
around in my head and 
I can't decide for a few reason.

These are my kitchen cabinets...and what
you see is basically all of them.

I have never been a fan 
of oak, but these are better
cause they are stained dark.
And I feel that natural wood in 
small amounts is great...
But, these were made and hung
by my brother over 30 years ago.
They are in great condition but
could use a touch up here and there.
The kitchen is tiny.
I want to bring life back into 
these cabinets so course
I thought of paint!
Really, I have told folks don't
paint if the wood is nice. 
But the paint is still 
pulling at me. 
One reason, it would lighten up 
the kitchen and make it look
bigger. It would be bright, 
it would lend some love to 
yes, always a but, 
painting will require some work.
Taking the hardware off, taking
the doors off, priming them and 
painting, then sealing. 
The great news is, there are
not that many, not like the 
last kitchen I did. 
However, I am not as young
as I was 25 some odd years 
ago when I painted the last ones. 
I looked into staining them 
again. That would require some
sanding to prepare them...
and once you have stained
you can only go the same
or darker as what is one there.
That does defeat the purpose
of trying to lighten up 
the room. But it wouldb
be easier and less work. 
If that is not enough reasons
as to why I have not
jumped and done, I am also
trying to come up with
someone to hire to take out
the wall the stove is on. 
That will open the kitchen 
up to the dining room. 
Prob, I don't wish to get in 
over my head and spend 
more retirement money than
need be...okay, I am cheap!
So not only would I have
to find someone to knock the 
wall out, he would have to
find away to reuse the cabinets
but opening up a spot 
for a FREAK'N
dishwasher that I so miss. 

Suggestions by friends have
been, restain.
Up date the counter tops
which I intend to do anyway.
Update the floor which I intend
to do anyway and do a back splash. 
That should help....BUT the kitchen
will still be tiny and the cabinets

If I painted them this is
what I have always wanted
to do...
Dark (yes, I know, you thought
I wanted away from the dark)
brown on the bottom and a 
light airy creamy color on top. 
Okay, sounds like I want to paint....
but first, I need to see about
that wall and can 
the cabinets be reused?
OH MY...
now, keeping in mind, 
I am not as young as I 
once was and 
with the Fibro, I have issues
deciding on things. That
was NEVER an issue for me.
I over think things now, then 
I become over whelmed and 
I shut down...
CRAP so never ending!
What would you do?

I really did not intend for 
this post to get this long!
hope I entertained you some.

Speaking of entertaining
you need to copy and repast
this link into your internet and 
if you have FB you can view it.
No FB, can't view.

We tend to have so much
fun at the venue.

Now the last of the post 
is one of those silly things
you see where you give 
yourself a point for 
each thing you have

19 for me.
NEVER ate a sugar

Although, I love sugar
and I love bread....
nope, not trying now.



Liz A. said…
I know what you mean about painting good wood, but if it's too dark, might as well brighten things up. Wood-look is out of fashion at the moment anyway, so painting would be more trendy. But I suppose getting that wall taken out should be the priority. Why do the work if they cabinets are going to have to be relocated anyway?

My score is 13. Some of those are before my time (S & H Green Stamps).
I end up with 15. I would love to have oak tree, although you don't see many of them here in North Idaho.
Coffee is on and stay safe
Ann said…
The kitchen project sounds like it could be a big one. I am horrible at making decisions.
Christine said…
I don't mind a light stained oak, even natural.
Sandee said…
We have dark cherry cabinets all over the house. We love them and since our space is fairly large they don't need to be light. I do see how that would be the way to go if the space is smaller.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Jeanie said…
I always enjoy your all-over-the-place posts! This one is no exception.
Brian said…
You sure you never had a sugar sandwich? It doesn't sound very good!

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