Helping Hand / The Touch

Trying to clean up the 
litter that Lily Bit
throws all over the bathroom...

and she really thinks she
is helping me!

Out on the deck yesterday working
and the only way I could get things
done was to put them in the 
house. Love the look Lily
is giving Dakota.
Like she is asking, 
"what do we do now"!

Saturday Dakota went to Granny's
house (my mom) to play with her
dogs and he stayed the night.

Lily missed him.
She actually stuck to me all 
evening. But last night...
he was home. 

And she has to be touching him!
He is actually under the cover 
and she is laying on top of

Just the lightest of touch here.

See the paw on his backside?

Still touching him.

And yet again....still the touch.
I love this bond between them.

63 lbs and I think it is time to
give up this gown. 
Looking a tad to big!

Something to keep in mind.

Thanks for stopping by, 


MadSnapper said…
they are just so sweet together, and I am happy for both of them and you that they love each other... yep, time for a new gown... I am lagging behind you at 39 pounds
Darla M Sands said…
Way to go on the weight loss! I can only imagine the difficulty of following so many restrictions. Your fur babies are way too cute together. Love it!

As for my ex being a stripper, yeah, it's true. The stripping career came about between our heart-wrenching breakup and reinvention as a busker across Italy. ~grin~ I traded lap dances and travel with an angst ridden musician for laughter and stability with a white collar suburbanite.
DeniseinVA said…
Adorable! How wonderful to have to buy a new nightgown. Congrats :)
Debbie said…
bff's good that they have each other!!! your transformation is amazing, you need to be proud of yourself....and you def need a new gown!!!
They're so sweet together. Our kitty Howard is much happier if he's touching someone. He's happy to cuddle with us, the dogs, or the other cats. He just wants someone snuggled up to him.
Ann Thompson said…
If I knew Gibbs could get along with a cat as well as Dakota does I would have one. They are so cute together
Rhodesia said…
Lily is adorable. Well done on 63 lbs that is amazing just keep up the good work you are looking great. Cheers Diane
Liz A. said…
How dare you take Dakota away for a night! ;)
Jeanie said…
I wonder if she thinks he's her mom?

Just wait till she figures out how much fun toilet paper can be...

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