Park It Here

And this title has NOTHING
to do with actually


It's all about where you

I have always
been a crafter of some sort
since I was a teen.
I tried to involve my
oldest grandson in things
I did since he was living with
me. So one day when I decided
to paint his mom's old rock'n
chair I left him help.

We were basically just playing around.
We just went wild with the 
paint, doing different colors, shapes
and designs. 

Caleb had his own rock'n chair that
was solid wood where this was not
so I did not think I needed to hand it 
down to him. But what to do with this
colorful chair. 

Working with Phil, a young 
photographer in Photo Services for 
the state of TN., he got me into a fund
raising project.

He saw a pic of this chair and 
asked me what I was going to do
with it and then suggested that I
donate it to 
Kids on the Block
(no, not New Kids on the Block)!

Kids on the Block
Great program.
Take a look at the link and 
read about how it got started.

But I will tell you it is about
puppets that are used to teach
children about life.

Anyway...I am happy to report that the 
chair brought in $80 the night
of the event. 

I was so excited about doing something 
like this that I continued for
several years.

Kids have one big fund raiser a year
and it is centered around chairs,
that event is called Chair..ish 
the Kids.
(chairs, stools....places you park it)

The next year I did a stool.
Hand painted.
Jack and the Beanstalk.

No clue what this brought in.

The next yr. was a painting I called

The next year was Chair...ish
the Peace

the Memories on 
Grandmas Porch

I painted from a pic
I saw somewhere..
but if reminded me of the 
times I spent on my grandmas
porch sitting in chairs like this.

The next year I did photography and to
show that I will need to go
through my files to locate those
pics. Maybe a post of that 
later. Thanks for 
introducing me to Kids,

Next....not in works with 
Kids but just cause
I liked and wanted to paint...

Hanging in my mom's den.

Mom has a rock'n chair like this.

This was going to be a project for
Kids but I never got it entered.
At the time I was doing this I
started dealing with the fibro and 
life was going wild.

Kitchen chair that my daughter
was getting rid of and sat
of the side of the road...
which I picked up of course!

First it...
paint it black....
and then off I went.

But once it was painted and the 
Kids event was over what shall
I do with this.

It sat for yrs in my craftroom
and my daughter recently ended
up with it in her apartment.
Not sure I told her where that
chair actually came from...

think I shall share that.

I got this chair at a yard sale I think 
for about $3, but no more then $5.
Isn't it crazy how much chairs cost new?

I used it in my photography of
senior pics for a long time just like 
this ..

It gave the pics the natural 
type look I know
not fresh and clean looking.

This pic below is my nieces
senior pics. She is using the 
chair also but I will give
you a hint....
this pic is what caused me to 
do the photograph pic for 
the kids fund raiser that one 

Anyway....After awhile I decided to
paint it.

But I wanted a pop of color.

I think my mom gave me this
material so I decided to use it.

I also had a stool I used in these
photo shoots, using it in the natural
color....but decided to also paint

Another pop of color.

Both pieces are stored in my shed,
have not been shooting photo ops the
last few years.

So peddle

Thanks for stopping in, 


Jeanie said…
This is a timely post! I have some chairs in the garage at the lake that may well be getting a coat of paint this summer. And then maybe a doodad or two on the back! And possibly the dresser in the bedroom -- that's too heavy to move, so probably only two sides and the top will get it! I love the look!

Oh, and thanks for your comment son my "trees" post -- the support really helps!
MadSnapper said…
I can't believe how many beautiful chairs you have done, I love the chair your daughter got back. made me smile. what a great program to be a part of.. I really loe the jack and the bean stalk stool... I admire your painting talent and wish I shared it....
Ann said…
You amaze me with your many talents. That rocking chair is so cool and the black and white chair is amazing.
Rhodesia said…
You never cease to amaze me and making these things for charity is such a good cause. Well done. Keep well Diane
Sally said…
I know you probably get tired of me saying "amazing", but you are!!

So, your daughter doesn't realize the chair she has now was once hers? LOL

Darla M Sands said…
You have amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!
Red Rose Alley said…
wow, these stools and chairs look awesome. You're so creative and always have great ideas. Cute senior picture of your niece. Senior year is so fun, I remember it well. : )

Liz A. said…
Lots of fun with chairs. Love them.

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