Project one done. 

Remember this pic below?

I took the print out.
Spray painted the frame
an off white. 

Then with chicken wire...
must have been shaking when I
took this pic.

Attached the wire to the frame.

With clothes pins I hung some
old black and white pics up.

Isn't it cute?

Remember me posting this painting?

This is the Big Spring in Cedartown Ga.
My mom's hometown.

I mentioned that I had painted this bridge
in High School in art class. 
Mom had it hanging in the dinning room
for years....

This is the before painting.

Lily Bit has leaned she can jump into the 
trash can. 
A couple of pumps of the water bottle and I
think she learned that was a no no.

Posted on this project some time ago before
I had all you ladies following me.
A spice rack....
great for nail polish and my oils.

As my oils grow in bottles I will probably
need to move the polish....don't use most
of them anyway.

Found this in the garden yesterday.
I planted this in the spring so I was not
sure what it would look like. I 
am surprised.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Pam, your projects are always so creative and lovely. I really like the use of the spice rack for nail polish! Much better than all jumbled in a basket! Lily looks so innocent in the trash can! ♥
Liz A. said…
Good idea for the spice rack. And the picture frame. I would think the trash would be too stinky for Lily. Apparently not.
Sandra said…
Lily in the trash can has me grinning from ear to ear. kittens are just so funny. great idea for the spice rack and the frame with wire could also be great for adding flowers or decorations to the wire. lots of ways to use it...
Ann Thompson said…
I like the frame with the chicken wire. How did you attach it to the frame?
That Lily sur is a little stinker lol
Rhodesia said…
Remarkable jobs yet again, you just have so many brilliant ideas. Lily is too gorgeous. My spice rack is too full of spices!!!! Diane
Jeanie said…
I REALLY love the chicken wire frame. That's a wonderful idea!

Ah yes. Trash. Been there...

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