Dresser and The Window

While reading the sweet comments
that you all post on my blog I 
ran across one from 
Jeanie at


She was saying that she had some 
chairs she needed to paint this
summer and a dresser
With that I went back into my
blog and located pics 
of a dresser I redid.

A friend of mine was moving
and she gave me this.

I worked hard in redoing this 
I had paint on hand but
it was without primer so 
I had to prime this piece,
then paint it.

It was a bit dull with that so
I had to add some stencil 
to it.

Big difference don't you think?

I took my curtains in the living room
down last night cause today
(which I did not get done)
I was going to frame out the

With that said Lily
pulled the curtains off the chair
and decided to roll around
in it. 
Do you see her?

Ran across this on PINTEREST.

So what is your chicken name?

I am Angel Clucker!

Thanks for stopping in,


Ann said…
Oooh, love the dresser. My chicken name is Dottie Von Wattles and I'm married to Socks Scramblepants....lol
Sandra said…
I am snowy beakster. boo hoo, not to romantic sounding. love the kitty in the curtains, so sweet. the dresser is totally different and I like it a lot
Sally said…
Snowy Von Wattles here. LOL

I love what you did with the dresser, Pam. It's gorgeous. :)

Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, your dresser looks delightful. I like the little bird on there. Jeanie is such a wonderful blog friend. Her pictures are so interesting and filled with wonder, love her.

Rhodesia said…
Wow you did an amazing job of that dresser, very impressed. Have a fab week Diane
Jeanie said…
You did a wonderful job with the dresser -- it's a whole different piece of furniture! Bravo!
Denise inVA said…
Dresser is great. Signing off Tommy Fluffybutt :)
Liz A. said…
Gertie Fluffybutt.

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