I know that a lot of us have the smartest
dogs out there.....but I for one have never owned
one like this one. He is amazing, funny, rotten,
set in his ways, rude, self centered......after all
he is THE KING!
I got Dakota from my daughter. She thought that
my grandson Caleb needed a dog but
they moved shortly after that and could not
have animals where they were moving.
He was 6 months old then. He is now 5.5 yrs old.
And I was only going to have him for a few weeks
while they found him a home. All the time I
kept saying, I am not keeping this dog, I
don't want a dog, I don't need a dog...etc.

But he has brought me laughter and I really
do love him.

When I had sugery in August for my rotator cuff
I upset Dakota's routine. And he hates his routine
to be messed up. It threw him off when I came home
from surgery and we stayed a week with my Mom.

After  a couple of days at Mom's he settled down. But since
I was sleeping in the recliner but Dakota would
sleep on Mom's bed, right across from me, and facing me.
Was going to make sure I did not move without him
knowing. It took awhile for me to realize, in his
mind, he was taking care of me.
It was not until we returned home that I realized. Dakota
has always followed me from room to room but
after surgery, he followed me from one piece of
furniture to the other. If I was in the recliner, he had
to be up there with me, if I moved to the couch, he
he came. And if I sat in the other chair where I had the
laptop at, he had to be on the back of that.
After 4 weeks of wearing that immoblizing sling I was able
to come out of that. Dakota continued his "sticking" to me
for another day, then he stopped. I could be on the chair and he
on the couch. That is when I really realized. He knew,
he knew I was not well and he wanted to be near me.
I love that dog!
Dakota things he is a BIG DOG.....BIG AND
BAD. But there is a cat that visits that just
will not take anything off that dog.
Here Dakota slowly walked up to the cat thinking
that the cat would run. When the cat did not move and
just stared at him, he finally tucked in the tail, and
lowered the head, walking off.

You would think that he never gets fed. When he eats
he will turn over his bowl with his paw and
lick the sides and bottom.

 THE KING is playing with a balloon in
this pic. You throw the balloon up and he takes
his nose and hits it up again.....he is
waiting for it to come back down here so
he can hit it back up.

LOL....I love this shot.
Merry Christmas!
Dakota and I have spent time at my brothers
when they go out of town so that someone
is taking care of the animals. There is one
animal that Dakota would like to have for dessert.

Here we were playing...

He loves the snow.

Whoops." Mom, I did not do it"..
and the favorite toy is gone.

Dakota has his likes and dislikes. Although he likes
Kibbles and Bits, there are a couple of flavored BITS
he don't like....and he takes them out of the
bowl and sits them aside.

After a long hard play day at
Granny's doggie day care (my Mom's).
He goes there everyday...just like making
a day care run every morn and every evening.

I paint with oils. My pallet paper usually sits on a tv tray
next to my work table. One day the edge of the paper
was hanging off the side and Dakota walked under it....
pulling it down on him. Look, he hangs his head in

Paint on the ear! 

This is THE KING riding up front on the console of
my friends Corvette. Yep.....THE KING, sitting up high
like a KING should!

In my car this is how he use to ride. When I first got
him, my oldest grandson was just coming out of the
booster set, before I could remove it, the
KING took it over.
Only now, he is to big for it so he has his own
dog pillow in that spot.

This is after surgery. On the back of the chair
loving on his mom.

Yes, he loves to watch the squirrels in the tree.

But....he rather be able to chase them up the tree.
One day I had the car loaded down with things,
the back seat was full so Dakota had to sit up
front. His routine was messed with AGAIN...
and he was not happy so he hung his head.

Isn't he handsome!?

This is what greets me most days when I return to
Mom's after work.

Thanks for stopping in,


Cheryl said…
My,my,my... that had me in stitches. What a lucky gal you are to have such a lovely dog! Very touching that he was so near to you when you were recovering. Isn't that something! God bless him!
Little Pearl said…
Pam, This is a lovely story and photos of Dakota. love it very much!
great post Pam! I have jamie's dog...it was for the summer--that was 3 years ago. lol I would never give Louie back now. he's MY dog! So great that you get to take Dakota to your mom's each day. Jamie and Andy are going to have to make some kind of arrangement for Lucy, cause they are both changing jobs. :(

have a great week, I hope work goes well for you this week.

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