Okay, this is the 3rd week of eating differently,
and I am now down 12 lbs. I can really tell the
difference in how I feel.

The back is still an issue, but I am still seeing the
Chiropractor. Hip is better so I know that things
are slowly working back in place. No more tingling
in the toes and the numbness is gone. That is a plus for sure.

Last Monday on my visit to the Chiropractor while
adjusting and feeling around on the neck the suggested
doing xrays of that area. So Wed. we did that and he
wanted me back in there the next day so that we
could go over them.

Test had already been done in the office enough
to know that the neck was not vascular but that
it had to do with the nerves and things being off.
During the adjusting I noticed that the doc kept
concentrating more on the right side, apparently
with good reason, it is off and leans to the right.
The bones have also rotated. The good news is
that it can all be fixed. There are no bone spurs,
the disc is pushing out a bit but it is not as bad as
it could be. My neck being out of alignment is at
a 6, a 10 is considered major.

There again the best news with all this is that
with the adjusting that is being done on the neck,
it should very well stop the migraines. I have
already weened off the preventative meds so I
am looking forward to not having headaches or
having to take meds for them.

The plus side of all this is that I right now feel better
then I have in a year. With my sleep apnea and all
the other crap that has happened since January it
is really nice to feel good again.

Now, I saw my new regular doctor last week and
she listened to me, listened to my issues (something
my other doctor stopped doing). She has me going
back in for an ultra sound on the liver. It appears
that I have fatty tissue around the liver, that could
be what is not allowing the liver to filter correctly
and that making my blood sugar rise. So....ultra
sound next week to see where we stand on
that. My new diet will improve that issue also.

I will also be seeing a specialist about remove
to sisk on my fingers. One I have had for 20
years and a larger one that popped up a few
months ago. They don't hurt unless you hit
them but the one on the thumb bothers me
cause it sticks out....I want it gone.

In a nut shell, I am getting my health back on
track. I feel better, I don't feel like I have one
foot in the grave now just waiting for someone
to push me the rest of the way in and cover me up.

With all that, I thank my Chriopractor, Dr. Batson.

Thanks for stopping in,


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