True Story Tuesday - Hair and Dye

I had forgotten all about this until
yesterday when Deborah and I were
talking about dying hair and it all
came back to me.

Years and years ago when my children
were young we had a season pass to
Opryland Theme Park in Nashville
Tn. It was nice to have cause on
Sunday afternoons after dinner we
could go out to the park, ride some
rides, have some fun and enjoy for
about four hours and then head for
the house. That way, neither the kids
or I got worn out and it was not like
we could not come back the next
Sunday if we wanted.

Now I know you are wondering why
I mentioned hair dye then Opryland
in the same story…….

I have dyed my hair since my mid twenty’s
since I started to get just a few gray hairs.
I was so vain and thinking I was just WAY
to young to have even one gray hair. So
I started covering it up (later in life this
became known as hitting the bottle).
I did not actually cover my hair with
dye when I first started because I only
had a few at the time. Actually before
I started dying them, I would just cut
them out! Yes…I did. But when I did
start to hit the bottle I would pour the
dye into a bowl and put my brush down
in that and run that through my hair.
So this worked for a few years then I
realized that the gray was coming in
more and more, and fast! At that point
in my life I started pouring the dye on
the head instead of the bowl.

I worried about the chemicals and
applying all that stuff to my hair so
I would do the permanent dye then
when the gray started to show at the
temples but not down on the ends of
my hair I would use a rinse to cover it
up. I just did not want to be dying my
hair every month with the really strong s

Now, back to Opryland, one day a couple
of my friends and I were heading out
there, and taking the kids. Keep in mind,
I was one the in between permanent
dying stage and using a rinse! Are you
getting the picture now? On this day
I remember that I had on a white shirt
with blue thin stripes. Shortly after a
rriving the kids wanted to ride
the Flume Zoom.
For those of you who do not know
what this is, it was the log ride….
water, logs, splash!
I was in the back of the log, the area
that seems to get the most water!

We parted the ride when my friend
looked at me and said “Pam, what is
that one your shirt?” I had no clue s
o I sort of pulled the shoulder area
around so I could look at it.
It was my colored rinse!

Well, it was proven that day that
rinse is not permanent and it will
run when wet. All over the back
of my shirt and of course, I had to
wear this for several hours. After a
good laugh I just went on about my
business and TRIED to not it worry me.

After that, I stopped with the rinse
and decided to use the 6-12 wash
stuff between the permanent job.
That holds better and will not bleed
or run when wet.

A year and half ago I stopped hitting
the bottle and to my amazement I
realized that I had a major head
of silver hair. What was even funnier
was that you could see streaks of my
natural color woven in between the
silver. That is one thing that really
amazed me also….I had been coloring
to cover all that and somewhere
along the line I lost sight of my
natural color. I had been covering
with a light brown, sometimes auburn,
sometimes an ash brown, I even went
blonde twice (the color changed with
each coating)! But the natural color
was a dark, almost black brown and
over the years I forgot that.

Attached is a pic of me that was recently
taken so that you can see the silver. The
color that still makes me cringe when
I look in the mirror but everyone
assures me that it is beautiful.

Thanks for stopping in.


The color looks very pretty!
Every time I get my hair cut, I complain to my daughter that I don't like it. Just recently, I realized that it's NOT the cut, it's the color. I've had blonde highlights for years! Not so much anymore. It's too BROWN, that's why I don't like it. Maybe, it'll grow on me eventually.
ps thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
Just Stacy said…
silver signifies wisdom and hard work ;) Funny about the dye on your shirt, hope it wasn't your favorite shirt :)
Jennifer Haas said…
That is too funny. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I just posted my first True Story Tuesday!
Foursons said…
Hahahahhaha- I can just see you walking around with your hair rinse running down your shirt. That is hilarious!

I think your hair color now is gorgeous and the picture you posted of yourself is beautiful!
Rachel said…
I think us girls are a little hard on ourselves! I've had grey hairs since my 20's too - and I just don't have the time to cover them up regularly.

And a coworker warned me not to pull any out, cuz 40 of its friends would come to its funeral, ha ha.

Too funny about walking around with the rinse on your shirt! Glad you were able to still have fun!

And I think your haircolor is gorgeous!
Aunt Crazy said…
I've been covering grays for prolly 10 years now, hell, I don't even know my "real" color anymore. I'm waiting for the days when I can go "au natural" and be as beautiful as YOU! Your hair is gorgeous!!!

(first time here, came over from Just Stacy's blog)
Just Stacy said…
lol, thats ok, I got all excited when I saw 6 comments though, but it was really 5 people ... haha. Thanks for reading :)
Kmama said…
I love your "natural" color. It's beautiful!!

Funny story though...better you than me. Ha ha ha.

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