Trash to Treasure Tuesday

This week is going to be a busy one. I have Octoberfest this coming Saturday and Sunday. This will be the first time I have ever had a booth and tried anything like this. On top of that tomorrow I have a play to attend to at my grandson's school. But with all the stuff going on I still managed to purchase some nice things.
These two were purchased for 1.49 each at Goodwill. They are original Home Interior but these were beat up a bit so they needed a new look.
With primer and paint applied and let dry, I then took sandpaper to them to give them that old look. I personally like this look but not sure if anyone else does.

These candle holders were picked up here and there for less then .50 each. The brown ones I think are also Home Interior, but I am not sure.
They got the same treatment as the above items.

The next candle holders are metal. I did not pick these up but I my Mom did at a yard sale or flea market. I think she gave a $1.00 for the set. Cute, but it needed a different touch to it.
So...what do you think of this?

Then also at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago I purchased these two insulators for .49 each. Not sure why I thought I needed these, I have several already but it was a good buy and I like them.

One more Goodwill buy, a wooden black cat. This item was .49 cents. Have a friend at work that loves cats and the saying is "cats rule". So I thought of her when I made this purchase. It sits on a shelve in her office and instead of calling it Pancake cause its flat, she calls it Pam-cake !!

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Mimi said…
Love what you have done with the candlesticks!

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