True Story Tuesday-POP/Vaseline

Been a few weeks since I posted a
True Story Tuesday but here goes.

I went to work for Photo Services
for the State of Tennessee just a
few weeks short of the youngest
photographer. Phil made the move
to that area so much easier since he
was so easy going and a lot of fun.

Our offices were divided by those make
shift, about 8 foot walls that lock together.
That height allowed for privacy as well
as keeping the noise from the other
offices down to a very dull roar.
But……..when all was quite you
could almost hear a pin drop.

Shortly after moving to that department
I was sitting in my office and I kept
hearing this popping noise, the kind
you hear when someone sticks their
finger in their mouth and hooks the
cheek as they pull it out making that
POP! It would come and go and it was
not something that went on and on
but it was enough on a given day that
it would begin to bother you, mostly
because you did not know what it was.
I would walk into the guy’s (photographers)
room and it would not happen so I
was at a loss.

Finally after several weeks of working
there I walked in the guys room just in
time to see where the noise was coming
from. Phil, who has big round fingers
was sticking them up in the holes on
the arm of his chair, they apparently
fit snuggly. He would then pull them
out and there was that POP! I had to
laugh cause he was doing this as he
waited for images to download to the
computer and was not even aware
that he was doing it.

Okay, so I had to ask, nicely, if he would
stop. That sent up that flag for him, he
knew then that it got to me so he would
continue, and even would do it just
when I walked into the room! Brat!

Those of you who have read my blog
or who know me, knows that this is
not something that I will let go lightly,
war was on!

So what to do to him to get him to stop
and get the brat back for messing with
me……Vaseline! Yep, I did. We had an
intern named Lane that was working
with us that summer so I told her
what I was doing, she jumped right
on the wagon with me. We watched
and waited until he went off down the
hall and we sprung into action. She
took one side and I took the other and
we filled those holes on the bottom of
the arms of his chair with Vaseline.

Then back to my office we went, just
in time for him to come back to the
office. We sit and waited. About 20
minutes later while we worked at my
desk I hear “ Yuck, Pam what is this”?!
Now go figure there were two others in
that office why would he think I had
anything to do with it? Don’t answer
that question, I was being silly even

Later that week he tried to get me by
coating my phone with the same jar of
Vaseline but lucky for me I grabbed it
and did not get it to my face before I
realized what was going on.

It’s a good thing that Phil and I remain
friends to this day, I pulled several
things on him through the two years
that we worked together. Like taping
his mouth shut, newspapering his
office and just messing with him daily.

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Story Tuesday.
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Lisa said…
How hilarious! You are so lucky you caught the vaseline before you got it to your face. That makes me cringe just thinking about it! LOL Sounds like work was pretty interesting after that, would be my guess! Great story.
Lane said…
I totally forgot about this!! I'm so glad you posted this, it made me laugh out loud. My favorite memory is when we would shoot rubber bands over those cubicle walls and try to hit each other, and then one day, ever so quietly, phil just dumped the entire basket of rubber bands on your head. Remember that?

So much fun!
Rachel said…
Cracking me up! That was a perfect way to get him back. Did he quit the "pops" after that?!

And we used to have rubberband fights... to the point where people would get injured, LOL. How do you explain that one to the boss? ha ha

Thanks for joining in - this was a great laugh!
Foursons said…
HA! Clever young thing, weren't you!

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