Chiropractor - Part 2

(Part one

If anyone is out there that read last
week’s blog at the above link, you
will know what all I have been going
through with my back. And anyone
that has had lower back problems
will be able to relate to the pain, and
let me stated right here and now, I
have done it with only Tylenol, nothing

My issues did not just start with my
back, my health had been going downhill
since 2005 (actually before) when I discovered
from seeing my doctor for on going
migraines, that I had sleep apnea. Like
I said, it has been a slide from that. Weight
gain, migraines, walking around like a
zombie, hurting for almost a year like I
had the flu and relating it to the weight,
digestive issues….its been one issue right
after the other. All that and more was
blogged about at this time

I have a weight issue, and no matter what
I did I could not lose it. In March I did a
low fat, low sugar diet for 2 months and
2 weeks, walked 30 min. a day, parked
away from the buildings when I went
somewhere so I had to walk even more,
taking the stairs at work, drinking water…
being so good, and lots ~~ 0 lbs~~…
go figure. But at that time I was dealing
with the apnea being out of control.

With that said, it took me throwing my
back out and having to see the Chiropractor
for that to learn a lot of other things about
me and my body. I did not realize that your
digestive system or muscles should not
show up on an x-ray. Did you? I have two
muscles that lead down from (who knows
where) the top of my body, one of each
side that was so tight it showed up on the
xray. Those muscles would be pulling
me forward, arching the back and causing
all that to draw up. The digestive system
is an issue with acid reflux (since 98)
and IBS in the last two years.

My Chiro Dr. has explained a lot about
eating to me as far as sugars, starches
and processed food. He changed my way
of thinking, and in turn my way of eating.
Last week I reported that I lost a total of 10 lbs.
at that time. This past week, yikes, no clue
what happened but I only lost .5 lbs.
Eating the way I am, I don’t understand
that but I will just have to try harder this
week. That gives me a total of 10.5 lbs.

My back and hip are still in recovery but
doing so well. Saturday was a bit hard on
both since I had a photo shoot to
photograph a teen girl’s senior pictures,
outside in a park. But even with that, I
was still feeling pretty good. Yesterday,
I had to result to ice for a bit. I lifted my
1 yr. old grandson and that was not really
a wise thing to do.

On a visit last Wednesday to my doctor I
was told that I was healing really well,
better then expected. I was not even
anywhere near the end of my treatment
and I was doing this well, that I would be
a new woman when all was said and done.
Okay, my reply to that was that I was not
sure the office could stand me then!!
LOL ….I have been on a row with the
humor and the just feeling better in
general. Keep in mind, its been over
a year since I have felt this good.

Then again on Friday I was told that
my body was healing like that of a 20
year old body! YES!!!! Now if he could
just arrange to give me that 20 year old
body I would be REALLY happy. See,
he is telling this to an almost in a few
months 50 year old.

I think he is pleased, I know I am with
what he is doing for me. How I feel,
its improved my sleep, the eating….yes,
I am pleased. I think I failed to also
mention that when the test were done
in the office on my first visit and this
was evaluated, the significant findings
(I told everyone I was in bad shape)
were 42% loss of motion in the lower back.
That is a significant loss, one of the worse
he said he had seen. Keep in mind to, that
this did not happen over night, I have dealt
with lower back issues and it working out
of line since I was in high school ( you
do the math, I already told you I was
almost 50)! LOL
That is a lot of years with it slipping in
and out and wearing on the disc and bone.
The flip side, they can and have helped me.
I am into my second week starting today
of my 4 week ritual of going 3 times a
week. After that, 3 weeks of 2 times a
week. I will be so ready to dance and
twist around then!

Thanks for stopping in. I encourage
you to please leave a comment. If you
don’t blog or have a blog account, sign
in as anonymous. Would love to hear
from you.



Hey glad you are seeing a Chiropractor. Alan and the kids and I all go. We have been going since right before Lucas was 2. It had been a Godsend for us. The kids are so much healthier! And I have very little back pain anymore.

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