Chiropractor Part 3 -My Back / Dr. Batson's Office

A loss of motion in my lower back of 42%
was not a good thing to hear. Hearing
that my neck was also off and leaning
to the right was not a good thing to
hear esp. after dealing with the
other health issues that I have had
since the first of the year. But….
after 15 visits so far to Dr. Batson’s
office, I am so much better.

There is no more tingling in my left
toes, no more pain in my right calf,
the back pain is gone and the hip is
improving. I have stretching
exercises and core strengthening
exercises to do. I have come off my
migraine meds and I am eating a lot better.
All by just taking a visit to the

I have had back issues since I
was in high school (a long, long
time ago) but I never had anyone
to explain to me the issues of the
back causing problems with the
nerves that could affect so many
areas of the body. On top of that,
I never even thought about it.
I knew about the nerves that
would be affected that could cause
numbness or tingling but I never
realized that it could affect you
bladder, digest system or my

The staff and doctors at the office
are just great. I am greeted with a
friendly “hi, Ms. Pam,” every time
I enter the office. They answer any
questions I have and they really
seem to care. Every one of the staff
are awesome! Thanks.

According to my progress exam
yesterday, I have gone from 42%
to 2%! I will continue with my
exercises in hopes that I can keep
the core stronger and will not have
to deal with all this pain later in my
life. I have been moved from 3 times
a week, to two for this past week and
starting next week I will be going
once a week.

So if anyone is on the flip side of
thinking that these DOCTORS are
quacks, just back crackers or not
really doctors, I will have to disagree.
Dr. Batson and Dr. Sweeny had
actually done more for me then
I was getting through my regular
doctor and they did it all without
sticking me on another pill. So if
you are having issues contact a
chiropractor in your area and
get help.

Thanks for stopping in and please
leave a comment.


Hi Pam, So glad your getting some relief. I throughly believe in Chiropractors and just wish our insurance would pay for it. Let us know if the hazlewood necklace is working. I would try anything to feel good. LOL. Have a great weekend!

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