In July of 2008, I bought my Nikon
D40 camera. I got it for a hobby.
That hobby has turned into more
in the past year. I now have two
wedding and three senior individual
class photos done, with my niece
(a senior) and another one already
booked. Yes, this hobby has already
paid for that camera!

This past Saturday I was able to photograph
my first senior girl. You can do so much
more poses with a girl then you can a
guy. I was so excited about this one.
But…weather kept getting in the way
of the first two bookings, Mother
Nature was pouring out the rain for
two Saturday’s that we tried to get
together. Lucky for us, this past one
was really pretty and nice.
I not only did the senior, I got some
of her and her sister, some of just the
sister and some of the Mom with the
girls. It all worked out so nicely. I was
very pleased with how they all came out.

I shot at the community park, we had
trees, benches, swings, a creek… all
worked to fit right into the photos.

Take a look and let me know what
you think.
Thanks for stopping in.


Lindsey - Senior

Elizabeth, Linda and Lindsey

Lindsey and Elizabeth


These are just a few that I like...there are so
many more but I did not want to fill this
blogs page up with all pics!


Rachel said…
Oh my! Those pictures turned out fantastic! They have to be so happy with them!

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