True Story Tuesday - The Elbow Part 2

Last week I told you about the dislocated
elbows of my son, the last one being
put in a green Ninja Turtle cast. He
looked so little with this cast going
up from his wrist to past his elbow.
He wore a sling to support it and to
make wearing it a bit easier.

One day my daughter and I also
wore slings so that Cory would
have company. He had homemade
slings that we wore. Cory thought
that was fun and it was interesting
for us to be a part of what he was
going through also.

You know that we all say things to
our kids that you really don’t think
will stay with them. Just passing
phrase’s we might use from time
to time but you also have to admit
that kids pick up on things that
you don’t expect.

When me kids were young if I caught
them messing with something that
they should not be I would tell them
if they did not stop I was going to
break their arms. Now this was
always said with humor and we
usually laughed after it was said.
But…it apparently stuck in Cory’s mind.

Not just that, but the fact that
when I was out with Cory somewhere
you had to hold on to him tight because
he would wander off fast. He loved to
hide under the clothes racks at stores
or just go off looking at something
else while you were looking at something.
Those arm straps that you use to be
able to buy that attached to their
wrist and yours did not work with
him. I got one and the first 10
minutes that it was one, he
reached down and undid the
Velcro from his wrist. Most times
I usually made sure he wore pants
with belt loops and I would actually
attach a leash to the back loop to
keep up with him. But…before that,
I would just hold his wrist, tightly
because he had a way also of twisting
his hands if you were trying to hold
them so that he could get out of your

Little did I know that grasping his
wrist was the same thing as me
breaking his arm (we are going back
to my phrase I would use on them).
Funny how little ones can combine
things to come up with one.

Now the story really gets interesting.
Shortly after Cory being put in a case
for his elbow that would not stay in
place, him and I were at the grocery
store. Remember, Cory liked to wander
off, so I had a grip on his wrist to prevent
him from getting away from me.
He started to move away from me
and I just tightened down on the wrist
while I tried to shop for a couple of
items (Cory did not want to ride in
the buggy). As I began to tighten the
grip I had on him, he looks up at me
and says “Mom, don’t break my arm
again”! This coming from a child no
bigger then a minute that is standing
there wearing a cast on his other arm
and looking up at me. Oh my gosh, I
looked for a clearing under the shelves
to see if I could crawl under them. I
looked up and down the isle to realize,
that goodness, that there was no one
close enough to hear him.

You want to talk about turning red, I
had it covered. I could have died thinking
about how this little man thought that a
tight grip on his wrist was related to the
phrase “breaking your arm”, and how
that comment had to come out in public
shortly after him having a cast put on
his arm.

Kids! Out of the mouths of babes.

Thanks for stopping in.


Just Stacy said…
That is hilarious, made me laugh out loud .. a lot.
Emily said…
Funny! I'm always worried about what my children will say out in public! And your Cory sounds a lot like my littlest brother Andrew...he was always running off too!
Rachel said…
Oh my goodness! I feel for you! I too have a little "runner off-er" kid! And the leash thing is actually a HARNESS to keep him contained (but there's a whole 'nother post from way back about how he took out an entire mannequin display with that leash... sigh)

So glad no one was around to hear him say that! How funny with the timing though! Glad you can laugh about it now :)
Foursons said…
I put bells on my now 7 year old's shoes so I could hear him. He loved them and I just followed the sound.

And oh my goodness! So glad CPS wasn't around the corner when your son said that!

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