Squeaky Shoes - The Fix

Okay, it drives me up the wall to walk down the
hall and my shoes squeak!

I put on my black ones
the other day and noticed this sound and again
yesterday I wore them. That was getting on
my last nerve.

I figured I could not be the only person
to deal with this so I turned to my friend...
the internet! I keyed in " how to stop squeaky
shoes"......there was my answer.

It is usually where the material they are made
of is rubbing together that makes that sound.
The fix is to pull up the in sole of the shoe and
sprinkly baby powder in that shoe. Replacing the
in sole.

I have them on today and it works like a charm!
Now everyone can not hear me coming as I
walk down the hall at work!



Emily said…
Man...thanks for that tip! I had a squeaky pair on the other day and it was driving me batty!

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