Hazelaid Necklace

Once again I wish to thank Lauren over at

for the chance to win a Hazelaid Necklance from

I recieved my necklace from Hazelaid yesterday

in the mail. It is very pretty and I love it.

I put it on last night when I got home and

got the mail so as of yet I have no way of

telling any of you if its working or not.

In my package was a business card for

Hazelaid with a handwritten note that

said, "Enjoy the necklace" and it was

signed by Severine Hazelaid.

The necklace which I picked is made with

beads (I picked the black Hematite beads)

and they it has pieces of hazelwood in

between the beads. Very stylish.

If you will run over to http://www.hazelaid.com/

site you will find that their products are

good for a host of problems. Several of

which I suffer from so here's hoping that

the necklace does me some good.

A sheet that came with the necklace states

that the necklace can last for 6 months to

a year depending on how much acid you

have in your body. With my issues (and

acid) I am sure my necklace will probably

only last a couple of days!! LOL.....

Swing by Lauren's site and check her out

and also by the Hazelwood site and check out

what they offer.

This necklace works for me in any way and I

will be purchasing more.

Thanks for stopping by,



Diane said…
I love these amber necklaces. They helped me a lot! Highly recommend for everyone who is considering of getting one - you won't regret!

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