True Story Tuesday - Laughs and Dog Food

I once worked with a man several years
ago in the Printing Division for the
State of Tennessee. He told me once
that people would not know the silly
things I did if I did not come in and
tell them on myself. In which I replied,
that I got a good laugh from them
and I love sharing a laugh, so I tell
on myself.

This next comment I shared just for my
blogging friends since it just happened
last Friday and I have yet to share it!

Do you ever just get up dragging in the
morning and making yourself go to
get ready to head out the door to work….
and maybe you are not really all the
way awake until later when you are
at work? I am pleading this next
confession to that…I was not awake.

I had been here at work for several hours
on Friday before I noticed on one of
my trips to the bathroom, that my
undies were inside out! Go figure...
the worst part of that was that this
was late in the afternoon and I had
been down the hall to that room at
least twice before! I was glad no one
was in the room at the time of my
discovery since I busted out laughing.

Still not thinking that beats the time I
wore to different tennis shoes, both
white, somewhat a like to work one
casual day! Did not notice that one
until I went to the workout room to
walk on the treadmill. I was not alone
then and we all got a good laugh from
that one.

Now the next entry is on my daughter,
Amber. She is 29 yrs. old now and
probably has not eaten dog food since
she was a child. Yes, you read it right,
she loved Tender Chucks dog food.

my daughter Amber and my grandsons
Where we lived at the time the kitchen
was on one end of the hall and Am’s
room was on the other, bathroom in
the center. I was in the bathroom
putting on my makeup to go somewhere
and I realized my child (about 1.5 yrs old)
was quite. Time to worry when it got to
that point.

About the time I was thinking I needed
to go see what was up, she ran past me
into her room. I followed, only to see
her hiding beside her toy box with this
red juicy stuff running out of the sides
of her mouth and down the chin and
under the neck. YUCK.
Okay, my tummy did a flip flop. Not only
was it running out, she had her hands
full of that stuff and was still stuffing
it in her mouth. What a site.

Now, keep in mind, this child ate well but for some reason she wanted to share with the dog. This was not the only time, I actually seen her give my Mom’s dog a real cookie in exchange for a doggie treat! Thank goodness, this spell did not last to long.

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Christina Lee said…
so great!!! Although the dog food truth makes me gag a little.

I went to the grocery store in my slippers once ;-)
Lisa said…
Love it!!! if it makes you feel any better, I used to be a fan of Meow Mix!! And the bad thing about that is, I was probably 4 or 5!!!
Foursons said…
Hahaha- nothing like clothing malfunctions in the morning only to be noticed later in the day.

And ya know- Meow Mix isn't so bad either! *wink wink*
Oh my goodness Pam! This made me laugh and laugh. Several times. I laughed about the upside down underwear. Wouldn't that be super uncomfortable? And the dog food story is crazy funny! : ) What a great post.
Jewelz said… life must be constant chaos because your undies inside out didn't throw me too much...probably because I recall doing the same thing...there is an upside to the story though....can you imagine what people may have over heard had you gone to the toilet, for the second or third time for the day only to discover you had no errrm socks on!!!! bwahahahahahahaha ((( (_)(_) )))

Jewelz said…
......notice how I didn't even mention the dog food!!!! ~winks~ my kids have always preferred dry dog food to the wet sloppy stuff :0)

☼Chaos rules at our house☼
It keeps things interesting

Rachel said…
Totally cracking up at your wardrobe malfunctions - only because I've been known to do the same on occasion. And I always tell on myself too!!!

Your daughter is too funny! My sis used to eat all kinds of "non-edible" stuff and I was just too grossed-out to try! Hilarious that she traded the dog a real cookie for a treat! ha ha ha

Thanks for linking up!

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