Show me your shoes PaRty!

I just realized that I am not a shoe person or shall
I say I am not fancy, stylish or heel shoe type of
person. This is for couple of reasons~

1. At my age comfort is more the type. Yes, you
younger ladies who wear the heels and tight
fitting shoes will learn this one day. I too use
to wear the narrow high heeled shoes, the
wooden style of 70's platform shoes, jellies,
and tight fitting stylish shoes....those days
are LONG gone.

2. Back issues, heels are just not for
someone with back issues. Flats
are my basic wear these days.

With all that said let me tell you how
I rather my feet be....bare!

But since I decided to play in the shoe party I
will show you some of my favorite ones....

Starting with summer and some well worn
ones (love these).....

these shots of course were taken at different times...
The top last summer and the bottom was just
done a few minutes ago for this post.

I love flip flops for my basic summer wear. These
just happen to be a new pair that my Mom got
me at a clearance sell last summer.

These I have had for several years. I don't wear
them much anymore since I am not into the
wearing my gold jewelry anymore...for some
reason the taste changed and I wear more silver.
Yes, I have a thing about mixing the foot wear
with the rings! LOL

These were given to me by my sister in law, Lori
just before we took off in 06 for our cruise. They
looked great with my flowing skirt but they are
not much on walking around in...

So pretty though.

I will venture out every so often and wear a skirt that

just looks better in a heel. These are my choice for


Okay, that is not if for summer shoes but that is all I dug

out for this posting. It is not yet the kind of

weather for wearing the favorites so I am also

throwing in some winter styles......

The dressy dress shoes.

And the boots.......

Thanks to Beth at for hosting this party. Loving her shoes! Hop

on over and take a look at them....

Thanks for stopping in,



I am all about comfort too :) Cute shoes!!!
Pam! I am thrilled that you joined the party! I love the shoes you chose to show us. Those ornate gold sandals are gorgeous, but I can imagine those little jewels sticking into your skin. Love all the flip flops and the black beauties are fab. Thanks for playing along :).
Marianne said…
Cute sandals, but I love the boots.
Sandy said…
I so enjoy the stroll through your shoes...
Love all the flip flops! Cute cute!
love those leopard flip-flops!!
Leanne said…
I love flip flops too. Love the gold ones. I need those for Hawaii in May.
I am only 26 & I totally get the comfy shoes thing...have since I was about 5 ;) I was the 'uncool' girl in high school because I didn't wear heels all. the. time. So I guess I learned that lesson early in life. But comfort=IMPORTANT! LOVE your shoes though! All of them are pretty!! Thanks for sharing!
I came over from Beth's and I linked up my shoe collection too!
Thanks for your comment over at my blog. I love lil parties! I hope to see more of ya.

As for your shoes.. those flip flops you have there are very cutsie! Makes me excited for spring!
I like your sparkly flip flops!! And your feet are so pretty.

Anonymous said…
That fancy pair is so pretty.
Ya know, I am all about comfort too, BUT sometimes it is all about the shoe and the outfit!!! I have not put my toe ring on yet...thanks for the reminder. Becamer a follower.

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