Thank You Very Much Thursday

Thank you very much Thursday! Yippee
…..I made it another week through
the upsets, the stress and the things
that tick me off and I am here to tell
you about them.

Thanks to Kmama’s for hosting
this free therapy day for all of us
to vent, scream, and be ugly…in a
nice way!

I am here to say thanks to ~~~~~~~~

The built up of stress in having
to take a stress test last Friday.
Just knowing you have to have it
is stressful in itself, is that way it is
called a stress test? By the way, got
to call yesterday that said it was
just fine! Thank You Very Much…..

For the time change that I am trying

to get my body to adjust to, Thank

You Very Much.

To a busy, somewhat stressful week

at work. That is not the norm so it

takes getting use to. Thank You

Very Much.

To the really low tire I found on

Friday and to the fact that now I

have to make a mental note to

watch it. Thank You Very Much.

To Dakota, my dog, for deciding that

is pee schedule has changed and he

feels the NEED to go out around

midnight every night lately. Thank

You Very Much.

To Sonic for the unsweet tea I ordered

that the sweet tea I got, not realizing

it till I was almost back to work…(no

really, thanks it was so good) Thank

You Very Much.

oops, wrong Sonic

this Sonic

To the neighbor attached to my

home (zero lot line) that can’t

hear and needs to play the tv so

loud. Thank You Very Much.

And to my washer that even with a

pan under it decides to leak water

all over the floor. Thank You Very Much.

no thank goodness...this

is not my washer...

more like it.

I think this about covers it for this

week. Thanks for stopping by and

remember to jump over to Kmama’s

Daily Dribbles and check out other

folks Thank you very much post.

Thanks for stopping in,



Kmama said…
I forgot to thank daylight savings time for my kids staying up until all hours of the night and being super crabby in the morning. Darn it!

I'm glad your stress test came back okay!!

Thanks for linking up!
I am thankful that it is still daylight at 7 pm, but not thankful that it is still dark at 7 am! :)
glad you liked my candlestick birdbath!
have a great weekend!

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