Dream Team, Wedding, Evie and Peanuts Gang

 Saturday afternoon was 
wedding time. 

for the day was
Left to right~
Lisa (Julie's cousin), 
Me, Paula and 
Julie who performed
the ceremony.
We were standing in front
of the Hitching Post.

Oh yes, lets not forget
the one and only dude
of the I DO DREAM TEAM...
The goof off!
We had a new addition to
the wedding 
Bubble Machine!!!

The bride and groom 
were a renewal ceremony.
They had a photographer 
that seemed
to be in control so 
I took some
pics with my cell,
leaving the photographer
to do his thing.

Beautiful shoes.
Beautiful dress
beautiful bride
and a
beautiful family.

Here are some 
behind the scenes

Photographer and bride.
Bride and photog assistant
Bride and father of
the bride.

Bride and groom.

I love this shot below...
Usually when we do a 
wedding during the day
the chandelier does
not pop
this well but
since the sun goes
down earlier these days
and dusk was setting 
in the 
shows up great.
The bride and groom
heading to their
car among all 
the bubbles the 
family and friends
were blowing...
And the bubble machine.

A guest and her daughter
having their pic made. 
The day was done.

However, my daughter
Amber, was keeping her
grand last night.
I got to facetime
with her last night. 
She was just as sweet
as could be and happy
as always.
Plus, talking up a storm.

This is a pic my
daughter took 
earlier in the day.
Not sure how it happened
since Evie is not my
blood great grand but
the girl got something
from me...
she is wearing my fave

G-Nana loves you. 

My friend T has 
a bday coming up, 
 I plan on taking her to 
dinner but I also 
have a gift for her
Nothing special and
it might even be a tad
childish but
she loves the Peanut gang...

What do you think?



Sandee said…
Beautiful wedding dress and I love those heels too. She's a most beautiful bride.

I love your wedding venue. So adorable.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Brian said…
Y'all sure make wedding day fun! I like the Peanuts art too!
Liz A. said…
Cute Peanuts painting. I want a bubble machine. Very cool.
Christine said…
Lovely couple beautiful dress.
Ann said…
That wedding dress is beautiful and I love the shoes.

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