Lunch and the Bday, Mailbox, Covid and the Brooms

 Today is my friend
Theresa's Bday. 
I took her out to 
eat for lunch.
This is an Urban
Mexican place 
and it is always
so packed.
Got there when the 
doors opened. 

We were waiting on our
meal when I gave
T her card.

Oly by mistake I handed it 
to her upside down....


I never noticed it before.

Then I gave her the
paintingI did for

She loves Snoopy.

I played with my
mailbox yesterday.

When COVID started I 
took pics of
places closed, 
 feet away
signs, and stand here
signs. Now I am working on 
taking pics of things 
left behind while
we still 
battle COVID. 

Why do folks find
it doable to toss gloves
and mask on the ground?

to get her in the 

Good thing I have 
a back ups. 



Ann said…
LOL, that card has me cracking up.
It's sad how many masks and gloves I see laying on the ground. What is wrong with people.
Brian said…
Looks like a fun place to eat! Love the broom selection too.
Sandee said…
Laughed at your naughty drawing. I did laugh.

Love the snoopy painting. A wonderful gift.

Love your mailbox and love the last shot. A girl needs more than one ride.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Christine said…
Hilarious upside down haha! Happy Birthday Theresa!
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday to your friend.
Marie Smith said…
Interesting drawing! Snoopy was perfect! Belated best wishes to your friend.
Jeanie said…
What a fun photo series idea. And your card was great! Looks like a tasty restaurant, too.

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