Arts Communities

Good Morning...

I thought I would post a few more pics
from my Saturday adventures when
I visited the two artsy communities
around here.

Franklin and Leipers Fork TN.

On main street in Franklin you have several
really nice places to stop, go in and sat
down places to eat. But there
were some really cute places that had
tables outside to enjoy drinking coffee,
or tea and be able to watch others
go in and out of the most unique stores and

In one of those stores I saw this. I can
so relate.
(read the sign)

Talk about
This so reminded me of my dog,
Dakota, AKA the KING.
He hates rain, heck he even hates
to walk in wet grass and get his feet
wet. I can so see this being the

Ate lunch at a cute little place on Main St. in
Franklin. Had some wonder history to it and our
waitress was really good.

The places name is Dumplin. I had a cup
of chicken and dumplings that was amazing and
a house salad....and yes, some of this....
Coconut Pie.
Amazing. I suggest you stop in if you
are in Franklin and give them a try.

Another cute find in a store on Main St.
I loved this shot but of course I had
to shoot for the "P" since I
am Pam.

Next off to Leipers Fork. Such a cute and
small place to visit where there are some
really adorable shops along the strip.
When I say strip, I mean a small little bitty
place with about 10 shops and a General Store.
Most of these stores featured the antique look of things.

This place had about 5 of these antique chairs so
that you could park it and watch the shoppers
go by. Love the chairs, the porch and the sights.

Now if you were wanting a more artsy place to park
it this would be the place. To adorable.

Or if that is not of your picking try this seat...
LOL....sorry! How about this instead of ride
a cowboy you ride the rail!

The western store there had some really neat things.
This is what I call fancy walking.

Necklaces made of colorful beads.

To something a bit more fancy.

And then the center of all it features this.

 Thanks for stopping in. If you missed yesterdays post
skip back one and enjoy the sights of Franklin and
Leipers Fork.



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