My Saturday Adventure

Good morning and welcome!

Yesterday was Saturday, days away from my
rotator cuff surgery. I decided that day needed to be
mine. It was beautiful out, temps were down and
I knew I wanted to venture out with my camera
since it will be awhile since I will be able
to do that again.

My friend Debbie and I went to Franklin TN., and
Leiper's Fork TN., just
for a day of adventure.

We started in the square. What a beautiful place that
is. Old buildings that dated back to

and 1901


and the Theatre, still in operation.
All movies, all the time...

Stores all up and dow West Main St.
Full of all kinds of neat things.
I love walking through places like
that, usually never buying...just
looking and enjoying.

There were colorful lights.

To neat crafty lights.
I loved this one.

To some really wild and cool lights.
How neat is that?

And better still one even cooler.
Amazing. I love viewing
art in all forms.

Down to very simple lighting,
a candle.
Loved the way the light played off
this shot.

I saw baby bathtubs.

And baby beds.

A sink full of Robin egg soap.

And a bathtub that I am sure has
history to tell.
Wonder who took a bath here?

 Beauitful pitchers of cut daisy's sitting
in front of old iron beds.

To others just sitting around.

Oh but check this one out. Simple, yet
stunning. Daisy's in a glass bottle.

To daisy's in small vases.

Not to mention the amazing glass jars
without the cut daisy's.

I saw things that reminded me of school days.
We had these as lockers in my gym in
Jr. High.

Now my locker at school was not this colorful
but it still reminded me of those days.

There were the things that reminded you of vacations
gone by.

When I was younger I never thought I would
ever like OLD things but as I have aged (LOL)
apparently so has my taste.
I love this.

The door.

And yet there was also beautiful old
glass doors.....with lighting of course.

Outside of Leipers Fork I saw this....
the General Lee and here I thought I was
in Williamson County when I must have
took a wrong turn and ended up in
Hazard Co.

Thank you for stopping in.
Hope you enjoyed,


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