The Artist

My grandson, Caleb, now 11.5 years old seems
to have gotten some of his Nana's talent.

Not only is he pretty good with a camera he
seems to be pretty good with drawing. He
is taking art in class this year but they have
yet to really get started.

On his own yesterday he sat off on his
own and producted this.

Great job Caleb....Nana is very proud
of this. And thank you for giving
it to me.

Before I end this post I wanted to throw in some
history from my past.
I took art for the first time in the 11th grade.
Until that time, I never really thought about drawing
or painting.
That year we had a show in the library after school
hours for our families. There were paintings,
drawings and lots of other works of art.

My mom and youngest brother went with me
to the show. I introduced them to Mr. Redman,
my art teacher and I can remember Mark (brother)
saying something to my teacher about he was
doing a good job cause before I could not even
draw a straight line!

Thanks for stopping in,


Very nice job Caleb! :) I never liked art...I can't draw a straight line either. lol
I hope your surgery went well, good luck with pt, and I hope you have a very easy time with recovery. (better than they expected at least)
thinking of you Pam!

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