Rotator Cuffs

In 2006 I took a nasty fall...
a really nasty fall, right
off of a

That is just not something anyone
should do....take my word for

When I fell from a chair (I was standing in it) like this
the chair flipped back, I went forward, the wheels flew off
the chair and I hit the floor. Messing up my right

X-rays and physical therapy helped. Off and on I
have had some issues every now and again.
But nothing major. I was told at that time it
was a frozen shoulder.

In December 2011 I started to have issues again
with that same shoulder. Painful issues.
Back to my doc, x-rays, and physical theraphy again.
It helped....

Until 4 weeks ago.
Pain, and limited movement...really limited.

Apparently, my shoulder bone has produced a bone
spur that is cutting into the tendons and
muscles. Sounds nice huh?

When I went to the Orthopedic dr. he pressed on my
arms while I kept him from pushing it down.
He said if it was a tear it must not be bad, my
strenght was good....

SURPRISE.....the tear is at 80%.
He jokingly says it is holding on by a thread!

Surgery is set for this Tuesday, the 14th.
Thursday I will go for my first physical therapy
after surgery....which he told me up front was
very painful....great.

For six weeks I will be wearing one of these. The only time
it comes off is when I shower, when I exercise at home
and during physical therapy.
No driving...six weeks....
Sitting n the house for six weeks....
not being able to do crafts, might be
limited on the computer....
what will I do?

Thanks for stopping in,


OMG -- MY worst nightmare. I am SO sorry Pam. This is awful!! 6 weeks! ugh!

My doc told me the same thing. "still have strength" yikes!

From what I've heard from my readers, AFTER all is healed, you'll be better than new! but--ohhh till then...I'm sorry!

good luck, wishing you a very speedy recovery.

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