Caleb and Nana Time

Caleb is my teenage grandson
and saying that I have
to admit that we don't
have much time together
since he is a teen!

But I picked him up Saturday evening so 
we could have sometime together.

He brought along his BB gun so
we headed over to Chris' so he
could shoot.

After that him and I fired up the go carts and 
raced around. 
We had dinner at Chris' with smoked
ribs from his friend Bailey.
Caleb put away 6 rubs all on his
While I cooked the fries getting
dinner ready, Caleb and 
Chris went out and
split wood.

We headed home and 
chilled out till bedtime.

Sunday was

Jurassic World

Isn't my date so handsome?

My 3D glasses..
ready to wear.

Getting ready to start.

Great Movie!!

From there Caleb ask
to go back to Chris'
to split more wood.

Chris paid him well for the help.

I am home now chilling and
resting for tomorrows work week.

Thanks for stopping in,


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