Dakota - Sleep, Eat and Lay Around

If you read yesterday's post
you are probably still
What a mess this one is.
Another time, not long
after him trying to hang himself he
tried to smother himself.
No pics on that event either.
We woke one morn
at the same time, he was laying
in the bend of my knees and I
continued to lay there but
he decided to crawl out
from under the covers!!!
RIGHT up the back of my gown!
Yep, tried telling him he could
not get out that way, the whole
time I was laughing.
I had to sit up in the bed, then slide
off the mattress and wiggle and
shake him out of my gown!
What a way to wake!
Dakota loves to eat.
So much so that he is afraid
he will miss something that
maybe spilled over the edge.
What to do in that case?
You take your paw and turn the
bowl on its side so you can lick the
Speaking of FOOD.
He eats a good meal at
2pm every day but
I leave dry out for snacking sake.
Something about his Kibbles and Bits
that causes him to pull out certain ones
and put them on the floor.
Sometimes it is the red ones
and sometimes it is the brown ones.
NO CLUE here???
Dakota AKA The KING loves to
lay around.
He got the nickname the KING due
to his behavior and demanding
Like this...
rub my tummy!

Most times if he does this
and you are sitting next to him,
he will take his paw and scratch at
you till you rub him.
Now, the KING loves to show
you that he is ABOVE you in
stature by getting on the back of
the couch usually above where you are sitting.
I guess he feels that he reins over
you that way.
This evening, after a day of playing at
granny's palace, he just could
not keep the eyes open.....
or the SNORES silent!

Yes, he entertains me!
Thanks for stopping in and stay
tuned for more Dakota adventures and



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