Dakota AKA The KING

If you read the first post last
week you know that I have
due to my daughter who thought
they needed him.
Six months later I have
him while they find him a home.
Eight years later he is still with
Dakota was the name given to hm
by my daughter and her family,
was the name I gave him due
to his behavior!
And that came later because he
was a scaried cat when I got
him. Loud noises or
fast movements freak him
Thanks CALEB for that!
Anyway....here is the KING laying
in the chair in mom's yard.
This was taken a few years ago and
he would sit here waiting for me
to come home. Unlike most
dogs that will lay on the ground,
Dakota prefers the comfort of
life and what it brings to a KING!
OH MOM....these pillows
are so NICE! Come rub my tummy!
Make the bed, throw the pillows
up there and forget about the fact
you just made the bed!
Funny story....Dakota goes to my mom's house
everyday for Granny's Doggie Day Care!
No mom does not really have one of
those but that is what I call it cause
when my kids were old enough, I thought
I was finished with the drop offs and pick
ups of day care....LOL
This is Dakota with Molly and Red
there in the back ground. These
are two of my mom's dogs.
I love to watch this silly dog. If the bed
is unmade he will jump in, cover
himself up and go around in a circle
till he tucks the covers under him!
But here he is being woke up to begin
our day.
I can hear him now...
"Crap, I don't want to get up"!
"Well ok, I am coming"
There wide awake!
He is a total mess.
When he gets to mom's each morning I
put him in the back yard where his friends
are usually out waiting on him. He
does his business then he goes in and
runs to mom's room. If the bed is made,
back to bed the KING goes till he is
ready to rise or Granny makes the bed.
If he gets there and the bed is not made,
if jumps up on the pillows and
proclaims it his throne.
Looking down at the others!
My daughter once said that he reminded her
of Niles on the old Frazier's show!
But NO, he reminds me of a mix of
Niles.....the high standard acting KING
and Sheldon, the odd ball on Big Bang Theory!
He has his certain way of doing things
and he don't like his routine screwed with!
Thanks for stopping in,


Paula@SweetPea said…
Precious! I think that he is the king. I call my dog "Prince Sherman" because he is definitely the prince of this house.


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