Dakota and the Deer

Good morning!
Here is another
First let me say
that Dakota
really does not mind
snow. Which I find
funny cause his feet
get wet when he goes out.
But Dakota don't like rain!
Funny part to that is he
don't like it after the rain
cause his feet get wet!
Go figure.
Anyway, I can understand
the pouring rain, esp. if
its winter and its cold
and its been raining for

This one Christmas season it
had been raining for at least
two days off and on. I could
manage to get Dakota out in
periods that it let up so he could
shhhh......go to the bathroom.
But one day, it had been raining
ALL day. I had not been
able to get him out and I knew
that he was probably beginning to
hurt from holding it.
I forced him out.
Then I had to force
him off the porch.
Then down the steps,
into the rain.
He hugs the porch base
trying to stay dry when finally
he takes a dash out to get
under the big tree in the center of the
RUN Dakota!
I thought he would hike there
and go for it but NO, not
him, that would be way to
So all of a sudden, me
staying at
the screen door, he
takes a dash to the
lighted reindeer in the yard.
Before I can YELL,
he hikes,
he pees
and he yelps out!
That dog took off running
to the porch so
fast and here
I was laughing my
rear off!
I checked to be sure
is little man part was
okay and not like burned
or something then I lost
I laughed over the site of
him hiking and running!
I called my mom to tell
her but she told me I had
to stop laughing cause she could
not understand what I was saying!
Bless his heart!
And I say that with all the
love in the world for that
silly dog!
Thanks for stopping in,


Rue said…
HAHAHAHA!!! That was hilarious! I'm glad he's okay though :)

Thank you so much for your visit during the garden party!


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