Batson Chiropractic Care Fall Festival

Little late on getting this event
posted on my blog.
But better LATE than
I was asked about a year ago
to photograph my chiropractor's
office and staff for office
photos and website.
I was honored to do that.
Recently I was contacted and
asked to shoot an event for them~
They were having their first annual
fall festival!
I was there with camera in hand.
This is the man that started his chiropractic
group, Dr. Batson.
He is so caring and giving and he
does things to give back to the community.

Let the fun begin!
Oh my gosh, isn't she adorable?

There was a pumpkin painting event for the

I saw many kids concentrating so hard
to get the look they wanted.

ZUMBA event.
And NO, I did not try this!

Yummy.....great food.



Even the entertainers got
in on the Halloween time of the year.

Check this young man out!
I was amazed when I looked over...
I can't keep one up!

The children enjoyed the fun.

Dressed to have pics made.

And there was also a session inside
where Dr. Jeff showed you how
he does acupuncture!
The Batson group are so nice and like I said,
I started seeing them about 4 years ago.
I was going for adjustments and
now I am trying out the
So far, good results.
Thanks for stopping in,


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