Great Grands, Sweet Sleep and My Shadow

 Totally me!

After my trip Saturday to
Amber's house, when I got
home I was exhausted.

But loved my time with 
the family.

I took in a bag of
cheddar Goldfish that
I got to munch on during my
drive to Amber's. 
I shared it with Braden
and Evie.

This girl loves junk food
and even though she
loved the crackers, she
also studied them. 

My blood. She is changing
so fast. At nine months she
has two teeth and her 
hair color is changing from
the darker to lighter.
Although sometimes looking at
her I still see my daughter Amber
at that age but I now see, her
older brother, Boog.

Something about sleeping 
furs and children that I 
think is so special.

Check out the chunky cheeks.

Those tiny busy hands.
And those ears.

How sweet can it get.

Talk about sweet~
When I got Dakota and basically
although his 13 yrs, he was my
shadow. He followed me everywhere. 
Plus, unless I was going out to
eat or shopping, Dakota went with me.
A lot of time I actually took
him to my moms, so he got 
to GO!
He loved going.

With Dakota gone I never thought
what I would have a shadow again.
Only I was so wrong.

I have no clue how she knows, 
but Misty can be on the deck or
on the other end of the house and 
if I get up and move
to another room, I can look 
behind me and here comes my
Misty Shadow.

I go to the BR, she goes to the 
BR and sits on the scales in 
front of me just for that
pet on the head. 
I go to the basement, and here she
comes running. 
I go to the kitchen to wash
dishes or cook, and 
in a few mins, I look behind
me to see this...

That is me, washing dishes, and 
she just sits there watching me.
Most times she gets up 
next to the wall, out of the she is 
being punished. 
I love my Lily Bit, but 
Lily has never taken the 
time to be this in tune to 
me. Misty is my familiar.



Liz A. said…
Lily didn't need to be your shadow because you had Dakota. Now that shadow spot is empty, so Misty took it over.
Sandee said…
Love the funny. So me when I was working.

Aw on your grands. So adorable.

Misty is a jewel indeed.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Ann said…
Oh yes, sleeping babies and animals are totally adorable.
Lily is doing a good job of being your shadow.
Brian said…
Such a cutie Evie is and Misty sure did step up to make sure you had a shadow!
Jeanie said…
Love that look on Misty's face! We all need a shadow -- Gypsy was mine. Lizzie doesn't much care as long as she gets fed on a timely basis!

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