Lily and Sister, Christmas Gift, Down and Family

 Morning all. 
For those that don't 
know me, I am Lily AKA
Lily Bit. That is me, the
fur that is awake.

I was used to living 
in a house with a 
dog, then several dogs,
then mom brought in this
gray ball of fur and called
her my sister.

NOPE, she is not my sister.
And 2.5 yrs later, I still don't
like her being here. I usually
play hit and run, with my
motor tuning up in a 
growling type meow. 
I run at her, hit her and 
run off. 

But when she is sleeping, and 
not laying on mom,
I take time to check her
Course mom was on the 
other end of the couch
and told me to "be

I was, I sniffed and then I 
went and cuddled
up next to mom's leg. 

It was nice.


Now here is mom~

Morning everyone, 
I see that Lily beat me
to posting this morn!

Here I am watching the news
and drinking my coffee,
only after laser play with Lily.

Yesterday I had a Christmas
gift I ordered come in 
the mail. 
Christmas 2023!

Hence the reason I only
took a pic of the
I am trying to get ahead
of the Christmas

Normally, you folks, my
blogging friends don't know
about the days I am 
with my Fibro.
You only see pics of things
I elect to show you in the blog.
Well, I was down for 
several days. thanks to
Mother Nature and 
Mr. Winter fighting over
who gets this time of yr.
Weather change don't
play pretty with my bod.

I laid around all day
Wed. I did venture out 
for a couple of hours
that evening for dinner.

I went to bed around 10
that evening, work early
Thursday morn, took my 
stay awake pill, however 
my body told me that it needed
time. I literally slept on the 
couch all day. Only getting up
to feed the felines and going to
the BR. I did not even eat.
Went back to bed around
7, slept all night and finally
work around six on Friday morn. 

Although I had pain, it was
not bad pain, but, my 
energy level was
Sleeping does not always
help, but it does
allow me to shut down
till I feel better.

Anyway, come Saturday,
I decided I needed to get out.
It was in the 50s and sunny. 
I drove to Amber's,
1.5 hours down the road.
I wanted to just enjoy
time with her and the boys.
Added bonus, she ended up
babysitting Evie all weekend.
This girl just holds my heart.

Then as a surprise she
asked Caleb and Trinity 
to come visit also.
With that I got time with
Felecity and
The kids played in the 
living room floor.
DJ (middle grand), Braden (youngest
grand and Caleb (oldest) went 
out in the yard to play with 
my metal detector that was
still in the car from when
I went to the lake. 

Course, I ate it up when
Felecity went to sleep
in my arms.
Sweetest, my great grand in my
arms asleep and wrapped
in an afghan started by her 
great, great grandma (mom) and finished
by her great grandma (me, Nana Pam). 
I gave it to Amber yesterday after I
finished it up. 

It was all I could do to stay
awake while I held Felecity. 
So cuddly and warm. 
I loved it.


Sandee said…
Your post is filled with Awww's. Love your kitties and your grands are most adorable. They do steal our hearts.

Have a fabulous day and week, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. xo ♥
Christine said…
Sweet kids!
Wow you are sure early out with cristmasgifts.
Ann said…
Wow, you are getting a heard start on Christmas. Good for you. I should do that too.
Marie Smith said…
Glad you felt you could go to be with family. You were wrapped in love!
Brian said…
Lily and Misty are so pretty and so are those wee kids. I hope you're feeling much better super soon. Merry Christmas!!!
Liz A. said…
I think everyone's blog only shows the things we want people to see. And that's not a bad thing. Glad you got a chance to get out for a bit.
Darla M Sands said…
My idea of 'getting out' seldom entails a three hour round trip. lol And I enjoy driving if weather and traffic aren't miserable. I'm glad your pain wasn't too terrible, though it must be miserable for such an active person to be out of commission. ~hugs~ Take care, my dear, and I'll try to get something posted today. Thanks for saying you miss my blog posts. :D

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